The Children Escape, the Adults are Captured, and Secrets are Revealed.

Now that “Passions” is no longer on the air, is honoring the show by offering fans a chance to imagine life in Harmony from a fictional perspective. Hoping to recapture the over-the-top storylines and corny magic of this soap, we began fantasizing about our beloved soap in 2011. When last visited our version of Harmony, the children were being held captive by Tabitha’s nemesis, Hecuba.

As Endora floats towards the growing blob while under Hecuba’s spell, Endora screams to her fellow Harmonians to repeat the anti-spell along with her. As all of the children continue to chant, “Return us to a place where it’s always a beautiful day in Harmony,” Endora becomes stronger and is able to finally reach her mother, Tabitha, through the magic bowl. In Tabitha’s kitchen, Tabitha alerts Kay to gather all of the parents because she has discovered how to find and enter Hecuba’s lair.

As word about rescuing their children spreads around town, Endora’s powers grow strong enough for her to free herself from Hecuba’s grasp and hold off the weakening blob. Hecuba continues to taunt the children that no child’s pathetic powers are a match for her greatness because she has overturned governments, toppled towns like Springfield, Oakdale, Pine Valley, and Llanview. A video of each of the towns bittersweet endings materialize on the wall and mysteriously draws each child into a trance. She warns that they should follow her demands and join her on the dark side or suffer an intolerable demise. Endora yells, “Jane! Maria! Little Ethan! Marty! Don’t listen to her! Our parents will save us! Don’t listen to her!” Just as Marty breaks away from his trance and lunges towards Hecuba, Tabitha and Kay blast through the cement wall! Hecuba says, “So glad you could make it Tabitha, I have been waiting for you!” The witches engage in a blow for blow, blast for blast battle allowing Sheridan, Ethan, Miguel, Paloma, Fancy, Noah, Julian, Theresa, Kay, Jessica, Whitney, Sam, Luis, and Eve to reunite with the children. As Hecuba and Tabitha are locked in the ball of fire they are both shooting from their hands, the adults tell all of the young people to get out now. Just as the last child escapes the lair, Tabitha’s wins the battle by blasting Hecuba against the wall knocking her unconscious.