Ethan makes his choice. (NBC)

Final decision.

“Passions,” despite being outlandish, unpredictable and completely over the top, was built on a few certain truths. One of those truths was that Ethan and Theresa ─ like Luis and Sheridan and Miguel and Charity ─ were “fated” to be together. But what if, like an elaborate dream sequence customary on the show, this couple was not meant to be together. How would that have changed things for them? Probably not with a wedding during the series finale on August 7, 2008. Instead, it certainly could have meant that Ethan went through with his wedding to Gwen instead of backing out on the ceremony just beforehand, despite their mutual infatuation.

“The wedding is off,” Ethan says to Gwen.

“Do you actually think I am going to fall for that,” Gwen asks with a laugh. “Ethan Crane, I have known you since we were kids and you have always been terrible at jokes.” She grabs his muscled arm through his suit sleeve. “Ethan, this is not going to work. Yeah, like you’d really call off the wedding. You could never, ever be so cruel. You love me and tomorrow you are going to make me the happiest woman in the world.” As he succumbs to Gwen’s hug, he wonders if she is right. Could he be so cruel? He came to tell Gwen it was over, but now that he is here in the moment, he is not so sure. Gwen was right ─ they had known each other forever. It was his ring on her finger. And it was her heart in his hands, his to crush. Or not.

Meanwhile, Theresa is having no such reservations. She is in love with Ethan, and she didn’t have to spend one minute debating it. So while he was telling Gwen it was over, she was packing her things. The night before, they had decided to leave Harmony, together and forever. They both knew things wouldn’t be the same once he ended things with Gwen, that they would never be free of the Crane grasp on their lives, or Gwen and Rebecca’s meddling ways. To be happy together they had to be free. She bites her lip and glances at the clock. If only he would arrive.

Back at the mansion, in the garden under the stars, Gwen holds on to Ethan. She is in heaven. The man she loves, the man she is going to marry tomorrow, is in her arms. He may be having reservations, but she knows he is hers. She owns him and there is nothing he can do about it. Then, she feels it. He tightens his grip on her and lets out a sigh. In that moment, she knows. He isn’t going anywhere.

Ethan has indeed made his decision. No matter what he may feel for Theresa, or what forces she thinks are at play that keep bringing them together, it isn’t right. It isn’t meant to be. Theresa is not his soul mate. He tightens his arms around Gwen and breathes in the expensive jasmine scent of her hair. His commitment is right here, in this garden, with Gwen. Forever. And there was no point in putting his future off any longer.

“Gwen,” he says, pulling back from her so he could look her in the eyes. “Let’s not wait any longer then. Let’s get Father Lonigan to marry us here, tonight, on the grounds of our home, the place where we will grow our family and our love.”