Endora Battles Hecuba, Fancy Plots Against Sheridan, and Julian Fights to Save the Crane Fortune.

Now that “Passions” is no longer on the air, Soaps.com is honoring the show by offering fans a chance to imagine life in Harmony from a fictional perspective. In December 2011, we imagined that Tabitha was praying for her powers to return as the adult residents discovered that their children were mysteriously vanishing. Be sure to check out the first installment of Passions Fan Fiction in case you missed it. Can Tabatha Save Harmony once again?

Relieved that Luis’ plan to ask for a divorce was delayed, Fancy plans to use their daughters’ disappearance to reconnect with Luis. When Luis calls out Sheridan’s name in his sleep, Fancy resolves to permanently eliminate Sheridan. Later, Fancy ignores Sheridan’s calls to Luis’ phone and deletes her text messages. She then makes a suspicious call and says, “I will do whatever you want as long as I get to keep my family.”

At Hecuba’s lair, teenage Endora secretly tries to write a counter-spell that will break through the protective shield that is keeping the children hidden. Because her powers do not work in the lair, she tries to use her Crane heritage to gain leverage with Hecuba’s henchman. Endora also realizes that Hecuba cannot know that she is Tabitha’s daughter. Little Ethan complains to his sister Jane, that he is not about to let that lunatic witch turn them into Hogwart’s rejects. Jane says, “It’s about time something exciting happened in Harmony.” Little Ethan, Jane, Endora, Maria, Jonathan, Marty and the other children refuse to recite the script that would begin turning them all evil. In response to the children’s defiance, Hecuba conjures a growling, foul-smelling, brown blob, that begins filling the room as Hecuba taunts that blob will consume the young people if they continue to resist her. The Lopez-Fitzgerald twins unwittingly beg Endora to use her powers to save them. “Your mother Tabitha would fight back,” the twins exclaim. Hecuba’s eyes turn to a burning red glare and she concentrates on Endora who begins to float into the air towards Hecuba and the growing blob.

In Tabitha’s kitchen, frustrated that none of her tricks and spells is leading her to Hecuba, Tabitha collapses in exhaustion. With Kay’s urging, she and Kay take a moment to recharge Tabitha’s energy by downing a couple of super-duper Martimmis. Kay complains that Kay’s powers seem to be decreasing since Kay began trying to find Hecuba’s lair. She tells Tabitha that she snuck out while Miguel was sleeping because she needed a break. “Sounds like there’s trouble in paradise,” Tabby smirks. Kay says that Miguel is angry that she’s working with Tabby to find the kids. He thinks that he and Kay can find the lair without Tabitha’s help. “Why is he in such a snit?” Tabby asks. Kay says that he caught her casting a spell against the return of past first loves. In response to Tabby’s grimaced face, Kay says, “One word – Charity.”

Outside Crane Industries, Julian avoids an angry mob promising to make the Cranes pay. Apparently, Kay’s magical treatment to revive Julian’s mangled member was only a temporary fix because a year later, the thrill was gone. Eve tried to get Julian to confirm that his return to womanizing drained the magic. Upon Julian’s command, Crane Pharmaceuticals developed a pill that would provide everlasting results unlike anything on the market. Unfortunately, when the Manup pill was put on the market without proper testing, the drug landed thousands of men in the emergency room due to extreme side affects. Many of the men suffered an unusual redistribution of blood flow that resulted in a class action suit that could strip the Crane family of their fortune. Some of them experienced enlarged body parts that should never be enlarged. Julian issues orders to begin shredding documents, falsifying data and plans to dump the bad batches of Manup tablets into Lake Harmony. He says, “Once I save Crane Industries, I will make them beg me to market the new and improved Manup formula. Julian receives a blackmail letter threatening to reveal that he bribed an FDA official to get the drug’s early approval.

Who did Fancy call?
Is Endora ready to battle Hecuba and the blob?
Can Julian save Crane Industries?
Who is Julian’s blackmailer?

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– Ophelia Thomas