Credit: Kim Johnston Ulrich, Hannia Guillen and Eva Tamargo (Lori Wilson,

After nine years of playing the entitled and ever-meddling Ivy Winthrop Crane, Kim Johnston Ulrich has been through it all on Passions – blackmail, a lightning storm, a tsunami and even DirecTV. So after speaking with her on the phone, I wasn’t surprised to learn that walking away from Harmony wasn’t exactly easy for the actress.

“We had been preparing for awhile because we knew the end was coming, but the last day was just devastating. It was really hard. I was crying a lot,” she recalled. “I don’t cry a lot. If you notice on the show, I barely have to cry. It’s a big deal if I have to cry. It was hard; it was sad; it was bittersweet; it was everything. It was difficult.”

Since she’s been there from the beginning, Kim has seen all the bizarre twists and turns the show has taken, but unlike some of her unsettled castmates, she took it all in stride. Even though she didn’t realize Passions was going to go down a path of the outlandish when she first auditioned (“I thought it was just another soap”), she let me know that when things started going the paranormal route, i.e., Grace levitating, she just went along for the ride. “I was pretty much up for anything and at the very beginning, when some of the people would be screaming and yelling, I in fact was the one who kept saying, ‘You do have a witch and a doll. Pretty much anything goes,’” she said, referring to the characters of Tabitha and Timmy. “Once you embrace the fact that there’s a witch talking to a doll on the show you can pretty much go anywhere.”

But that doesn’t mean she was a fan of every bizarre storyline. “I kind of didn’t understand the whole Vincent thing. That one kind of threw me. I actually loved all the supernatural stuff. I love supernatural and that’s kind of my genre. I loved all that, but the Vincent stuff I just didn’t understand,” she laughed.

As for her favorite moments to play over the years, Kim pointed to her scenes with Ivy’s children, but like many of the fans, even she had a limit to the never ending romance of her on-screen son and his paramour. “The Ethan and Theresa stuff drove me a little insane,” she admitted. “At the end you’re just like ‘Really? Again?’”