Now that Harmony seems to be verging on the end, in one way or another, it’s only fitting that some of the mysteries of the past start to be resolved. One of these concerns what happened to that other Lopez-Fitzgerald brother, Antonio. We last caught a glimpse of Antonio when his “ghost” visited Luis on death row. Before that, of course, the brother’s shared some much less compassionate moments. Antonio vanished in 2004 after the Crane jet he was traveling in exploded. His body was never recovered but Luis and Sheridan got to spend several weeks in their underwear on a deserted island trying to keep warm while bits of the jet washed ashore.

He first came onto the scene when he met Sheridan on the isle of St. Lisa. She washed up on the beach after an explosion that almost killer her. He was a fisherman. She had amnesia and thought she might be her dead friend Diana. They became lovers, but they were soon forced to flee when some of his enemies came after him. He quickly had to come clean and admit that he was actually a con man. They escaped and returned to Harmony, where he eventually reunited with his family and took his birth name again. Soon afterwards, he was almost blinded by a strange disease and things didn’t get much better for the young man. He and Luis battled each other for Sheridan, even after her memory began returning. Antonio was easily manipulated by Alistair, who tried using him to control his daughter and keep her away from Luis. Eventually, after much strain in the family and endless fights, Antonio agreed to let Sheridan go. As he boarded the Crane jet, she got off and he took off, the jet quickly exploding in mid-air thanks to a bomb Alistair had planted on it to kill his daughter.

Once again the role will be played by Christopher Douglas. A native of Knoxville, Tennessee, Douglas first made his mark on the soap world when he played Dylan Moody on One Life to Live and Sean Bridges on The Young and the Restless. He also popped up in a few films like Assault on Devil’s Island and Playing Mona Lisa but was probably most recognized for playing a cute cowboy in a Tori Amos video. The actor arrived on Passions in 2001.

What could be bringing him back, and what, if anything, could this mean for Luis and Sheridan? Audiences can look forward to him turning up and, perhaps, answering those questions around the 23rd of July.