For weeks Endora has been keeping her mother busy, refusing to materialize in a human form so they can leave Harmony. The little witch will soon be forced to do so and will show up in a guise we’re not entirely used to. Next week, Endora will be visible as more than a stuffed animal or a bubble floating in midair. But she’ll be back in her teenaged guise this time around. This has happened before, of course. Endora used to have a habit of aging herself into a teenager, sometimes reaching out to help others and sometimes filling her ancient mother with worry. Since she’s arriving on the heels of Norma and Edna’s return, could this mean that she will be transforming Tabitha’s house into a beach party once again, or does she have more serious plans in the works that require her older self?

Once again, the role will be played by actress Turiya Dawn. The young performer formerly charmed audiences in the part of the rambunctious and sometimes naive witchling in years past. In her time away from the series, she’s been busy at work on the indie film circuit. Besides her work on Passions, she’s had appearances on The Chronicle of Dark Carnival and in Rob Zombie videos. She’s also carved out something of a niche for herself in horror movies, appearing titles like Grim Reaper. Currently, she can be seen in the sci-fi romantic comedy 11 Minutes Ago.

Dawn will arrive on Wednesday, July the 16th. Fans of Nicole Cox need not fear, however. The people at the show have assured us that the adorable actress will be returning before the series has its finale.