Although Passions currently has its share of rather unpredictable blond women, the show used to have one who wasn’t a Crane. Yes, I am speaking of course of Charity Standish, the insanely innocent and virginal niece of resident goody-goody Grace Bennett. She arrived in Harmony after Tabitha killed her mother, Faith. Like many of the women in her family, she had some degree of supernatural powers, hers being the ability to see some future events. For years she was the love object of Miguel and audiences were often treated to what seemed like centuries of them making puppy dog eyes at each other. This made her the sworn enemy of her cousin Kay, who would have readily destroyed the world to get her hands on Miguel. A spell knocked Charity off her pedestal, making her act vampish. She stole Jessica’s boyfriend Reese away from her but redeemed herself by making a deal with Death to save the life of Kay’s daughter in exchange for ending her relationship with Miguel. Soon after, she left town with dreams of being a fashion designer and Miguel trailed after her. In the years following, the character would return as a double when Fox brought an actress pretending to be her into town in order to destroy Kay and Miguel’s rekindled relationship. Apparently the real Charity now lives in the Bahamas and spends her time in a convent.

The role of the Charity was originated by California native Molly Stanton. She played the part from July of 1999 until July of 2004. Of course, she wasn’t just Charity, she was also the far more entertaining Zombie Charity, who just happened to be succubus. After departing the cast of Passions she joined the cast of the short lived sitcom Twins, playing Farrah Arnold for the 2005-2006 season. Following that, she appeared in a pilot for another sitcom and worked on the Lizzie McGuire spin-off Stevie Sanchez. This year she will be seen on onscreen in the feature Playboys. The raunchy comedy tells the story of a man who wakes from a coma to discover that his once innocent sweetheart is now a famous centerfold. The actress is currently hard at work filming the role of Nicole for the mini-series Do Not Disturb. Directed by Arrested Development‘s Jason Bateman and starring Jerry O’Connell and Brando Eaton, the comedy is slated to premiere in Fox’s Wednesday night lineup this fall.