Since the end of Passions was announced several months ago, many of the series’ actors have already started moving on to other roles and new projects. Of course, for many of the show’s long term characters, the move to a career independent of their characters in Harmony began when the show moved from NBC to DirecTV last year. Charles Divins (Chad Harris Crane) had one of the most shocking and disturbing exits when the show hit its climax on NBC last year. Many viewers were startled when the troubled and heartbroken character was shot in cold blood by his own father, Alistair Crane.

Since his departure from the cast, the successful model turned actor has been seen in advertisements for Acura but viewers will be able to catch him in a new role on TV this week. The actor will be doing a guest spot on the TBS comedy My Boys. The series stars comedian Jim Gaffigan and looks at a group of friends as they face the trials of Chicago’s treacherous dating scene. In an added bit of Passions trivia, My Boys also featured former Ethan Crane, Travis Schuldt, earlier this year when he showed up in the role of Mitt Dougan.

Divins joined the cast of Passions in 2002, taking over the role of Chad from Donn Swaby. He soon made it his own, taking the character through a lengthy change from West Coast music producer to ambitious and tortured Crane heir. He was also one half of super couple Chad and Whitney and star of two of the show’s most controversial storylines: The possibly incestuous relationship with his supposed half-sister Whitney and the gender-bending incestuous relationship with nephew-niece, Vincent-Valerie.

Charles Divins will be appearing in the role of Chris on Tuesday June the 24th at 11:00 PM on TBS. The episode will repeat on Saturday, June the 18th at 11:00 PM.