Ever since Passions began back in 1999, it has opened with the theme song “Breathe” sung by Jane French. The theme even scored an Emmy nomination and garnered the young singer-songwriter widespread recognition. She has just released her second album: “Heavenly”. Following up the release of her critically acclaimed first album “Euphoria” in 2002, this new album also features her recognizable voice singing catchy melodies over lush arrangements.

French was raised in Montgomery, Ohio where she learned to play piano at an early age. From an equally early age, she began to sing, getting roles in commercials for Play-Doh and Sit ‘n Spin. When she got older, she became the lead singer in a series of bands before hooking up with NBC music producer John Henry Kreitler to produce the theme for Passions. Since then, she has done work on albums released by NBC records and has released two albums of her own material, with her songs featured in movies like Material Girls.

For information on how you can download samples or purchase this album, please visit French’s official website.