In the past few weeks on Passions, glimmers of Sheridan past have come through in McKenzie Westmore’s performance. Most long time viewers will recall the days when the heiress had a far more tender side, maybe too much so. Her naive and sheltered style was soon overthrown when malicious forces, mostly directed by her father, sought to tear her apart. One of these forces, of course, was Beth, who turned out to be Sheridan’s half-sister, and kept her captive, torturing her while she was pregnant; the other was someone who may have had an even more detrimental impact on her sanity. That person was Dr. Ackland, the morally dubious psychiatrist who Alistair enrolled to subject his daughter to torture and mind control. Although he used electroshock to try and erase Luis from Sheridan’s mind, she still remembered, even if she married his brother Antonio before the memories really clicked. Anyway, after some soul searching and tiring of the constant threats, Ackland eventually got fed up with being the lackey who manufactured lunatics for Alistair and dropped off the canvas.

Roark Critchlow, the actor who played Ackland from 2003 until 2004, however, hasn’t fallen out of view since leaving the show. He arrived in Harmony after leaving Salem. He was one of the Mike Hortons on Days of Our Lives for most of the 90’s, through Marlena’s possession and the Mike and Carrie affair. After leaving soaps for two years, during which he appeared on everything from Entourage to Malcolm in the Middle, he returned to daytime and played Arthur Harrison for several episodes on The Bold and the Beautiful. Since then he’s turned up as Russell Shoemaker in Afterworld and as Mr. Brooks on Zoey 101. He even played God on a few episodes of Joan of Arcadia. The Calgary, Alberta native has appeared on more than two dozen TV shows in the past decade and in nearly as many made-for-TV movies. The busy actor has just completed roles in three movies: Shark Swarm, Hydra and Bone Eater, all of which you can catch on TV this year. In an added bit of Passions trivia, the actor was named after a character in the Ayn Rand novel The Fountainhead, which is rumored to be Tracey Ross’ (Eve Russell) favorite book.