Credit: Norma and Edna (NBC)

Yet again Tabitha senses dark forces are returning to Harmony to turn some mortal’s life into Hell in a closet. This, of course, means that Norma and Edna will be returning to town in the coming weeks. The ever-entertaining Marianne Muellerleile and Kathleen Noone will make the first of their final set of appearances on Tuesday, April the 29th. Fans will also be able to catch them on several dates in July and around the show’s finale. Since, this year, we won’t be treated to the annual attempt to decapitate Tabitha over the Christmas holidays, or the usual dose of insanity around Thanksgiving, fans of the demented duo will have to be contented to see them get up to other assorted mischief. It could be murderous chaos or a magnificent musical number. Who knows?