Passions will be getting yet another telenovela cross over to add to its history soon. Accomplished genre actress Vivian Gray will be appearing as Elena beginning on Monday, March the 17th. She’ll quickly become well-versed in the continuing saga of Ethan and Theresa when the “dead” daughter of the saintly Pilar meets her on a train. Any details about the future of the character are yet to be revealed.

Gray may be familiar to audiences from 2006’s MyNetworkTV venture into telenovela, Desire, on which she played seductress Suzy Edwards. While that show didn’t last long, she made an impression on many viewers and is happy yo see her back again. Previous to that experience, the Scottish born, Mexican actress appeared on telenovela Valeria y Maximiliano and in the film Sangre Joven, which she also produced and wrote. The young actress began her career before the cameras as a child, subsequently attending the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York and the Tisch School for the Arts at New York University. She recently appeared in the direct-to-DVD thriller Juarez, Mexico.