Passions viewers have come to know her best as Juanita Vasquez, perhaps the most evil woman to ever appear on the show. Well, the most evil mortal woman ever to appear on the show anyway. For months she’s been lusting for the annihilation of the Lopez-Fitzgerald clan, particularly Pilar, who she wrongly blames for destroying her marriage and killing her husband.

Of course, the woman who plays Juanita, Jill Remez, is nowhere near so evil. She even played Miss Piggy for Henson Productions for awhile, which is quite a leap from the maniac she plays currently. Passions doesn’t mark her first foray into TV either. She’s been steadily appearing on screens across North America since 1990 and has appeared as a bit player in everything from The West Wing to Grounded for Life to Medium. More extended roles have come as well, as when she played Agent Cisneros for several months in last year’s American Heiress and showed up as Maureen on The Nine. During all that time, she has also kept busy doing theater and working as an acting teacher at Lesly Kahn’s Kahnstitute.

The Los Angeles native is now busy at work with two new projects. She has recently wrapped shooting a small role on Anatomy of Hope, the newest project from J.J. Abrams, the producer that brought audiences Cloverfield and Lost. Based on the book by Jerome Groopman, the series will follow the lives of cancer patients as they deal with the illness. She is also currently attached to an Australian film that wraps shooting this March. She will be lending her vocal talents to the film Personality Plus. It’s expected to see release later this year.