Passions fans have been shocked to see that troubled and troublesome Theresa Lopez-Fitzgerald Crane has, apparently, gone to sleep with the fishes, or the sharks at least. Following Kay’s premonition that death was coming to someone from Harmony, could it really be that she is gone? And, if she really is gone, this opens up all sorts of questions like: Will a grieving Ethan turn to Gwen, will this drive Pilar to the dark side and will this only be the beginning of Juanita’s revenge?

Of course, this isn’t the first time that the raven haired beauty has, apparently, ended up in the land of the non-living. Long time viewers will remember that she’s been dead before. Unlike her brother Luis, who was only held in captivity while his dead doppelganger floated through the streets of Harmony, Theresa was actually dead. That didn’t stop the action for her though. Ethan had just dumped her after discovering that Julian had gotten her pregnant (which turned out to be wrong) and, heartbroken, she promptly committed suicide by jumping into Harmony harbor.