Valentine’s Day is almost here and with it comes the annual conundrum of what to do for that special someone– or someones if you happen to be polyamorous or very big hearted– in your life. Well, if they’re a fan of Passions, there is an easy, and surprisingly non-fattening way, of solving the problem.

On the official Passions website they are offering fans the chance to send any of a variety of eCards featuring your favorite characters in various poses and pouts. While, unfortunately, they did not have any featuring Precious and her beloved Luis, they do offer a few adorable pictures to choose from. These aren’t just for Valentine’s Day either; you can stock up for Christmas as well as for the tedious everyday instance when someone you know needs a little pick-me-up.

To check them out, please visit this link. Of course, if they don’t have any you like, you can always get crafty and make your own. Happy Valentine’s!