Former Paloma Lopez-Fitzgerald, Silvana Arias, has been busy since leaving the cast of Passions before its switch to DirecTV last year. She has reportedly spent most of her time going back and forth between the west coat and Miami, where she still has contacts in the world of Telemundo. Before coming to Passions in 2004, she spent years working in the world of telenovelas, helped by the fact that she fluently speaks three languages: English, Spanish and Portugese. She became a familiar face to many Latino viewers, appearing on telenovelas like Amor descarado, Gata salvaje, Soledad and Pobre diabla.

Last year, she appeared in the film The Trip, which documented Ecstasy use in the LA party scene. In the coming months she will be shooting an independent film called Las Angeles. Right now, the Peru born actress is working on her first script. That doesn’t mean that she’s given up performing in front of the camera, of course. Soon, the thirty-one year old Arias will be back at Telemundo and hard at work on a reality TV show which she created herself.

To keep up with her career, check out her official blog here.