Brandi Burkhardt (NBC)

The year is looking bright for fans of Passions‘ Eric Martsolf (Ethan Winthrop). Not only did last year go out with him returning to his roots in musical theater for a production of Jingle Bell Rock, he also agreed to headline the Passions Cruise. Now he has a new venture to show off both his singing and acting skills. He will be taking on the title role in a revival of the classic 1956 musical L’il Abner.

Based on the satirical cartoons of Al Capp, with music by Johnny Mercer and a book by Norman Panama and Melvin Frank, L’il Abner tells the story of Dogpatch, the “most unnecessary town” in America. In fact, it’s so unnecessary, it’s about to be turned into a nuclear testing site. While the town’s array of outrageous characters bumble around for a way out, they also discover that the local baby tonic has the startling effect of making men masculine and handsome, but terribly turned off by sex.