Lindsay and Justin Hartley (

This past week, viewers have been treated to seeing a little bit of what Passions often does the best— parodying the cliches of daytime television. While an embattled Theresa hopped on a jet and headed to Mexico to finish her family’s battle with the nefarious Juanita, she still managed to nod off and imagine her life as a telenovela. Eric Martsolf (Ethan Winthrop) deserves special kudos for turning in a hilarious performance in the outlandish sequence that followed. Passions has always owed a lot in terms of style and even content to the South American genre (the show has always reminded me more of an Argentinian or Brazilian soap than anything on American TV) and this was a fitting tribute to that.

This isn’t the only time that Lindsay Hartley (Theresa Lopez-Fitzgerald Crane/Winthrop) has delved into parodying Latin American melodrama though. Awhile ago she teamed up with her husband, and former Fox Crane, Justin Hartley to shoot a lengthy spoof of the genre. It was called Hope & Regret and also starred fellow soap actor Sean Kanan. Filled out with shirtless men, ample cleavage, ludicrously staged fights, pun-filled dialog, family politics and even a transsexual, it managed to be strangely familiar to what fans of the slightly milder Passions have become accustomed.