Eva Tamargo (NBC)

Update: February the 19th

The official cruise dates have now been rescheduled to run from October the 27th until the 31st. Yes, that means the cruise will end on Halloween, which is, of course, strangely appropriate. In addition to the new dates, the event also has a new price. Ticket prices have been lowered to $499 per person. Reserve your seats now while they last.

Update: February the 8th

The people behind the Passions
“Farewell to Harmony” cruise have announced that the event will be delayed. Rather than taking place in the spring, the cruise is now expected to occur in the fall following the end of the show’s run on DirecTV. It is hoped that this will give more of the show’s fans the chance to say goodbye to their favorite performers in style. The new official dates for the cruise have not yet been released, but are expected soon. We will be sure to post them once they are.

Update: January the 11th

As the date for the cruise comes closer, another star joins the ranks of those who will appear. Emily Harper (Fancy Crane) has just been announced as the latest addition to the menagerie of performers who will grace the sea coast with their presence. The ship is filling up fast so, if you are planning to attend and haven’t made your reservations yet, be sure to do so.

Original Article: December the 26th, 2007
Love the sun and the sea? Passionate about Passions? Always wanted to meet Eric Martsolf (Ethan Winthrop)? If you can answer “yes” to any of those questions, you’re sure to be interested in this. A few of the stars of Passions will be taking guests on a special cruise this coming April the 1st to the 6th, 2008. Now you can meet Eric and other stars on the, strangely ominous sounding, “Farewell to Harmony— The Bon Voyage Fan Cruise”. But don’t be too afraid of going on a cruise related to a John E. Reilly soap (sorry, Days of Our Lives joke). This is an event that you’re sure to remember and cherish for the rest of your life. It won’t just be Mr. Martsolf either, of course; you will also get to spend time with other Passions stars, including the wonderful Eva Tamargo (Pilar Lopez-Fitzgerald) and Colton Shires (Little Ethan Crane) with other guests to be announced later.

“I am excited to co-host the Passions fan cruise and look forward to the events we have planned for our guests. Our fans have stood by us through the ups and downs over the last year, and this cruise is a great way for us to personally thank them,” states Eric Martsolf. His co-host, Eva Tamargo, added that this gives them the opportunity to celebrate the show “…in honor of the loyalty the fans have shown us for nine wonderful years.”

The cruise will last five memorable nights. To begin with, you can attend to the Welcome Aboard Cocktail Party, an exclusive function where you will be able mingle with your passionate fellow voyagers. Eric Martsolf and his co-stars will be joining in for this open bar event to get the cruise off to the right start. Some of the other events will include:
* The Story of Harmony: You’ll be able to test your knowledge of Passions with the cast as they discuss the show and their characters.
* The Harmony Prom: A formal dress up party with a chance to get your picture snapped with Eric and other members of the cast.
* The Harmony Variety Show: More trivia and games and good times.,
* One Night Only: Eric Martsolf will take the stage for a memorable performance at sea. For fans of Eric’s music, this should be a dream come true.
* Farewell to Harmony Cocktail Party: The journey has come to an end and it’s time to celebrate the good times you’ve had and the news friends you’ve made.

Of course, it’s not all about Passions — it’s still a cruise. That means that you will have access to the formal dining rooms and all of their elegant accouterments. If that’s not your style, a selection of casual dining experiences will also be available, providing everything from pizza to sushi. After eating, you can go to the casino and try your luck at a wide array of games. If you’re not keen on that, you can spend your time investigating the eclectic night life on board. The cruise will feature Las Vegas style shows, comedians, café entertainment, various bars, dance clubs and lounges for your enjoyment. Before attending these hotbeds of excitement, be sure to check into the spa for some exercise, a trip to the steam room and sauna and then a few select beauty treatments to have you looking your best.