Recently, Donn Swaby, better known to Passions fans as the first Chad Harris, took some time and space on his personal website to reflect on his past with the show and the history of the character he helped create. ‘So I say goodbye and rest in peace to Mr. Chad Harris…but it’s not really goodbye because he will live on in the memories of Passions fans around the world…’ While Swaby didn’t hide that he wasn’t thrilled with the direction his one-time character took before his untimely demise, he also took the time to talk about how grateful he was for his experience working on the show. ‘I had such a wonderful, magical time playing Chad. He was like me in some ways; talented, ambitious, adventurous, passionate. Like me he could also be fearful and emotionally closed off. I like that he was complex in that way, defying the good guy, bad guy stereotype.’

Queens native Swaby played Chad from 1999 until 2003 when the role was taken over by Charles Divins. During his time on the show, he was nominated for two Soap Opera Digest Awards. Since leaving Passions, Swaby has made consistent appearances on television. He took small roles on Judging Amy, Buds For Life, Crossing Jordan and Charmed. He also appeared alongside Li’l Kim and former Simone Chrystee Pharris, in the movie Nora’s Hair Salon and its soon to be released sequel. Not limiting himself to life in front of the camera, he has also led an eclectic stage career where he has done everything from Brecht to Sam Shephard, both as an actor and a director.

In addition to his work as an actor, he has also established a career as an entertainment journalist, authoring a regular column for Melt Magazine and regularly plays guitar for
Brig Feltus
in Chrysalis Child. You can find out more about his musical career, and his politics, on his Myspace page.