Since Passions‘ move to DIRECTV was announced, fans of the show have been asking if the show would continue to be available online. After a few months of hints and speculation, the network has made public that it will indeed be offering the show. It shall be streamed online as before on the official NBC page which is where it will continue to be available. The only catch is that the show will now be offered on a subscription basis. Fans can sign up to watch that show for a fee of $19.95 per month. New episodes will be added daily and will remain posted on the site for up to eight weeks. The service will be available beginning on Monday, October the 1st.

The executive vice president of DIRECTV Entertainment, Eric Shanks, issued this statement: “Since we announced the Passions move to DIRECTV, we’ve had a significant response from fans requesting that we continue to stream the show online. We know that Passions fans are religious about keeping up with the happenings in Harmony, and are happy to be able to offer them the option of an online subscription if they can’t make the switch to DIRECTV. Now fans can catch the daytime drama anywhere, anytime by signing up for the monthly subscription.”