Passions‘ McKenzie Westmore (Sheridan Crane) is going to become a much more visible face on television screens soon. Her new gig is a long way from the streets of Harmony, however,or any other soap for that matter. In fact, it will mostly be visible to the world of Wall Street, at least for now. The multi-talented McKenzie has managed to become the current face for Zippi, in a campaign targeted to the financial district to be figured prominently on the Fox News Channel, CNN, CNBC, Bloomberg Television, MSNBC, the Weather Channel and TV Guide. Her smiling face will also be projected across the friendly skies when the ads find their way onto all domestic JetBlue Airways flights.

Zippi expects to reach several hundred million consumers directly using the elegant and versatile Passions star as an invitation into their new technology. Zippi Networks were founded last year and have taken on the task of creating a more user-friendly form of internet auctions to rival established eBay methods. Their selling point is to establish a clutter free and more instantaneous process. The ads featuring McKenzie has just started airing so keep your eyes open!