We’ve been receiving a lot of concerned notes from people about Passions so far this week. Just so that there are no more misunderstandings, here is what is happening. Passions completed its airing on NBC on September the 7th. After that date, the show will no longer be airing on NBC or any of its affiliates. The show will continue to air its new season beginning on September the 17th. From that date on it shall air exclusively on DIRECTV‘s Channel 101 at 2:00 PM and 7:O0 PM from Monday to Thursday with marathon reruns of the week’s episodes on Saturday at 10:00 AM. It shall also begin broadcasts through Allarco’s SuperChannel in Canada beginning in mid to late October, although a definite date and time has not been confirmed. There have been indications that Passions shall continue to be streamed online, likely with a small fee attached, but details have not been finalized. If you wish to voice your displeasure about this situation, please go to the source and write to NBC, there is really nothing that we can do about it.

During the week on September 10th to 14th, Passions shall not be airing anywhere therefore we will not be posting updates. Starting next Monday, September the 17th, Soaps.com will continue to post updates and daily episode recaps of the show. Unfortunately because I, Mod Matt, happen to live in Canada, I won’t be able to write your daily recaps until late in October. In my place, we have hired Lori Wilson to bring you your recaps starting next week and we’re sure that she’ll do a wonderful job. I will still be around writing new articles and available to answer questions, should you have any. We hope that you will continue to rely on us as your source for the latest updates on Passions.