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* Danny Woodburn returns as the Demon Elf on Wednesday, July the 23rd.

* Christopher Douglas will return as Antonio Lopez-Fitzgerald around July the 23rd.

* Turiya Dawn will return as the teenaged Endora on July the 16th.

* Marianne Muellerleile and Kathleen Noone will return as Norma and Mrs. Wallace on July the 8th.

* Kam Heskin will be temporarily subbing in as Sheridan for McKenzie Westmore. You can see here during the week of July the 7th.

* Dwier Brown has been playing Agent Henderson since May the 12th.

* Jean Paul San Pedro will be taking over the role of Roberto. His first air date is scheduled for April the 1st. You can read our interview with him here.

* Danny Woodburn returns as the Demon Elf on Monday, February the 11th.

* Hector Luis Bustamonte will be playing Junaita’s Hit Man starting on Wednesday, January the 30th.

* Marianne Muellerleile and Kathleen Noone return for the Christmas season as Norma and Mrs. Wallace on Thursday, December the 6th.

* Jill Remez will be back as Juanita on Thursday, December the 6th.

* Anthony Cistaro will be playing Doctor Walker beginning on Monday, November the 26th.

* Marta Dubois returns to the story as Tia Maria on Wednesday, November the 28th.

* Catherine Scott will appear as Gwen’s nurse on Tuesday, November the 20th.

* Adrian Quinonez will be playing the bartender at the Blue Note on Thursday, November the 15th.

* Challen Cates will be back as Doctor Jonas beginning on Monday, November the 5th.

* Blair Redford has been cast as Miguel Lopez-Fitzgerald. His first air dates shall be at the end of December.

Monday, July 21st, 2008

This is a complete list of past comings and goings, or ‘ins and outs’ for Passions. This is updated on a regular basis to ensure our readers have first hand news! Enjoy!

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* Deborah Flora will be playing an ER Nurse beginning on Monday, October the 29th.

* Challan Cates will play the part of Doctor Jonas starting on October the 30th.

* Long time soap star Michael Dietz will be joining in the cast on October the 16th. He’ll be playing Harmony’s newest cop, Jake and will have his eyes on Esme.

* Hannie Guillen joins the cast this week. She’ll be taking over the role of Paloma Lopez-Fitzgerald beginning on October the 16th. Welcome aboard!

* Dale Waddington Horowitz will be playing an ICU Nurse beginning on Monday, September the 24th.

* NASCAR driver Jamie McMurray will be making a guest appearance on Wednesday, September the 26th.

* John Hammil will be playing the Doctor beginning on Wednesday, September the 5th.

* Larry Blum, John Ames and Mark John Packer will appear as demons starting on Thursday, September the 6th.

* Julien Heron will portray the juggling mime when Endora conjures a circus on Monday, August the 27th. * Rodger Arlen and Richard Sabine will be playing security guards on Tuesday, August the 28th. * Adrian Zmed will be returning to Harmony after a long absence as the Floating Head starting Wednesday, August the 29th. * Marc Thomas Church, Zach Ford and Preston James Hillier play will appear as paramedics on Wednesday, August the 29th. * Amy Castle comes to town to play Viki, Esme's nieces, starting on August the 20th. * Adrian Wilson returns to Harmony as Sheridan's estranged husband Chris on Monday, August the 13th. * Colton Shires makes his return as little Ethan beginning on Wednesday, August the 15th. * Traber Burns will portray the Justice of the Peace for someone looking to get married. His first day will be Thursday, August the 16th. * John Reilly is back as Alistair beginning on August the 20th. * Bruce French will be back on screens as Father Lonigan on August the 6th. * The fabulous Roscoe Born will be making his first return appearance as the prison warden on Tuesday, July the 31st and Monday August the 6th. * Tonia Kalouria will be making a return appearance as Dr. Tonia Wilson on Friday, August the 10th. * Henry Leblanc will appear as the limo driver on Monday, July the 30th. * Erin Cardillo returns as Esme on Thursday, August the 2nd. * Robert Spieth, Dan Warner and Drew Wicks all be on hand to portray prison guards on Wednesday, August the 1st. * Austin Drill will make an appearance as one of Luis fellow death row inmates on Thursday, July the 26th. * Michael McConnohie will come up from the basement when he plays the Hooded Demon beginning on Thursday, July the 2nd. * John Everlove and Melissa Madison will be making an appearance as paramedics on Wednesday, July the 18th. * The always troublesome Kathleen Noone and Marianne Muellerleile will be returning as Mrs. Wallace and Norma starting on Thursday, July the 19th. Since it is too early for their annual Christmas rampage, what are they doing in Harmony?

Monday, October 29th, 2007


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