Whitney Russell (as played by Brook Kerr on Passions)

Useful information about Whitney Russell

* Battled with her sister Simone over Chad.
* Mother of Miles Davis Harris.
* Broke her father's heart by not pursuing a career in Tennis.
* Ran away and became a nun when she thought she was sleeping with her half-brother.

Who's played Whitney Russell over the years?

Brook Kerr (July 5, 1999 - September 6, 2007)
Sidne Siobhan Phillips (2005 - flashback)

Past History

Whitney is the daughter of T.C. and Eve, sister of Simone, and best friend of Theresa. Whitney�s first love was tennis. She practiced hard and played hard, always to positive results. Whitney always pleased her father who lived vicariously through her when it came to tennis. She was determined to make tennis her career and sacrificed the normal teen things like dating and love. The first guy who she finally dated was Frank Lomax, but he turned out to be a private investigator trying to resolve the stalking of Ethan (her best friend Theresa was the guilty person). Whitney always went to bat for Theresa, and this was no exception. Frank slowly faded out of the picture and Whitney resorted back to her old ways until she met the new guy in town�Chad Harris.

Whitney was immediately drawn to Chad�and so was her sister Simone. While injured and medicated, Chad told Simone that he loved her (thinking that she was Whitney). Another thing between Whitney and Chad is that they are both loyal to their best friends�Ethan and Theresa, respectively. They disagreed many times over how to handle the difficulties of their relationship. When Simone was hit by a car, Whitney turned from Chad and vowed to stay away as long as her sister was in love with him. Chad started to spend time with other girls on and off. One night at a party, Whitney was drugged (by a man hired by Ivy) and ended up forcing herself all over Chad. Her father was furious when he walked in and caught her topless and in Chad�s arms. After her best friend (Theresa) was executed for the murder of Julian, Whitney turned to the only person who could bring her comfort�Chad. She swore that she would never get caught up in lies again after seeing what it cost Theresa. Unfortunately, Simone didn't hear the truth from her sister. Instead, she walked in and caught Chad and Whitney together. Whitney was disowned by her father and her sister. Chad convinced Whitney to move to Los Angeles with him so that they could start their life together out there.

In Los Angeles, Whitney was crushed to find out that Chad had lied to her by telling her that he had never been involved with anyone seriously and that he had never married. Chad had a wife (Latoya) in L.A. who had been waiting on him all this time to return to her. Latoya ended up shooting Whitney during an altercation. She was able to recover from the shooting, but her relationship with Chad was definitely changed. She called off their plans and headed back to Harmony. Chad stayed behind to tie up loose ends (like his marriage) and returned to Harmony a few weeks later. Chad was shocked to find Whitney in the arms of his so-called friend�Fox. The two of them finally managed to work things out and Whitney realized that she was pregnant. Then the unthinkable happened - Whitney found out that Chad was her half-brother! When she was informed that she couldn't abort the baby, she decided to drug Fox so that he would think that they baby was his. Whitney got cold feet and couldn't go through with the plan, so when she and Fox had sex�it was consenting. Whitney decided that she was going to give the baby up for adoption. She went and discussed the situation with her mother and Eve declared that Fox was the father. When the baby was born, Whitney put him up for adoption (using the power of attorney that Fox signed before he went to chase after Theresa - at Whitney's request). Chad was the one who managed to adopt the child.

Whitney and Chad had sex again after the tsunami hit Harmony. Whitney was wrecked with guilt and ran away to a convent. She came in contact with a monk who she believed to be a messenger of God. She followed him to Rome searching for a mysterious chalice. She was taken by surprise when she found out the monk was actually Alistair Crane. Whitney and Chad were both ecstatic when they finally learned the truth�that they were not siblings - just cousins, and that they could be together after all!

While Whitney and Chad pushed ahead with their relationship, soon getting married, their happiness was not to last. As she spent most of her time trying to help Theresa with her myriad of problems, Chad was having an affair with Vincent. Although he tried to break it off, especially after she became pregnant, Vincent wouldn't let that happen. He even tried to kill her but she was saved by Chad. Eventually, Chad was outed when Vincent set him up to be exposed. Whitney quickly broke with him, vowing never to go back to him and to keep their children away from him. Despite this, the estranged couple were starting to send more time together as they tried to help Theresa and Ethan finally unite. In the chaos brought by Alistair's return, Chad was killed. A heartbroken Whitney decided to leave town with her sister and her children and moved to New Orleans.

Flings and Relationships

Chad Harris
<a href="http://www.soaps.com/passions/cast/303/Nicholas_Foxworth_Fox_Crane">Fox Crane


Chad Harris-Crane (husband)
T.C. Russell (father)
Eve Russell (mother)
Simone Russell (sister)
Vincent Clarkson (half brother)
Reggie Russell (paternal grandfather - deceased)
Warren Johnson (maternal grandfather)
Ruby Lincoln (maternal grandmother)
Eve Lincoln (maternal great-grandmother - deceased)
Liz Sanbourne (adoptive maternal half-aunt)
Chad Harris-Crane (adoptive maternal half-cousin)
Miles Davis Harris (adoptive maternal first half-cousin)
Irma Johnson (maternal great-aunt)


Miles Davis Harris (with Chad)
Unnamed child (with Chad)


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