Vincent Clarkson (as played by Phillip Jeanmarie on Passions)

Useful information about Vincent Clarkson

* Worked as a spy for Theresa
* Tried to kill Whitney
* Raped Fancy
* Blackmailed most of town
* Seduced Chad to destroy his marriage
* Serial killer
* Hermaphrodite
* Killed bartender at the Blue Note

Who's played Vincent Clarkson over the years?

Phillip Jeanmarie (2006 - present)

Past History

Vincent first appeared on the show as an eager tabloid reporter for JT Cornell's old tabloid. Sleuthing through the social functions of Harmony, he was soon hooked up with Valerie Davis at Whitney's urging. He and Valerie quickly became a couple and her position at Crane gave him an in to snoop around at Crane Industries. The character quickly developed the habit of being in the right place at the right time. His relationship with Valerie providing a front for his on-going affair with Chad Harris. The two had begun seeing one another after Whitney had left him to become a nun. Leading up to their wedding, Chad tried to break things off with Vincent, but to no avail. Vincent became far more determined to keep a hold of his man and began blackmailing him to keep him coming back. He also briefly worked for Theresa as a spy and liaison between her and her blackmailer.

After a few failed attempts to kill Whitney, Vincent managed to expose Chad when he has her walk in on them together. Their marriage was destroyed but so was his relationship with Chad. Next, he was captured in the church by Sheridan in disguise as the blackmailer. Although he escaped, he later teamed up with Sheridan after offering to get her Luis and destroy Fancy. He then had all of the dead johns which Spike had killed dug up so that Jessica could be arrested. In this confusion, he threatened the judge and the governor with blackmail so that Luis' trial would be forced ahead. Luis soon sat on death row, but Vincent finally broke down and revealed his true identity to Eve and Julian. He confessed to his crimes and begged them to keep them a secret. Since the parents felt bad for abandoning him and the years of abuse and neglect he had suffered, they went along with it. The guilt proved to be too much for Eve and she finally revealed that Vincent was behind all of the crimes that Luis was convicted for, saving him before his execution. Vincent was arrested and put in a mental hospital where he quickly broke down.

Flings and Relationships

Dr. Eve Russell (mother)
Julian Crane (father)
Chad Harris (uncle)
Alistair Crane (paternal grandfather)
Simone Russell (half sister)
Whitney Russell (half sister)
Endora Lenox (half sister)
Fancy Crane (half sister)
Nicholas Foxworth "Fox" Crane (half brother)




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