Viki (as played by Amy Castle on Passions)

Useful information about Viki

* Orphaned when her father supposedly killed her mother and himself.
* At first, she did not speak to anyone but Esme.
* Serial killer
* Killed Fox, Pete, Alistair.
* Attempted to kill Julian and Ivy.

Who's played Viki over the years?

Amy Castle (August 20, 2007 - present)

Past History

Viki arrived in town to stay with her aunt Esme. The pair had nowhere else to go and so were taken in by Fox. Although he was, at first, put off by her strange habit of never speaking to people directly but only through her aunt, he soon developed sympathy for her. Esme told him about Viki's parents. Apparently, her father killed her mother and then himself, leaving the girl orphaned. Fox felt terrible for her, but a less innocent side seemed to creep into her character. She purposely pretended to be asleep while listening in on conversations and has said that Fox reminds her of her father. After Fox was mysteriously murdered, she has stuck close to her aunt. No one seems to have paid much attention to her, even while one after another of Esme's lovers has been murdered with no apparent motive.


Esme Vanderheusen (aunt)
Mother (deceased)
Father (deceased)




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