Valerie Davis (Fill in) (as played by Siena Goines on Passions)

Useful information about Valerie Davis (Fill in)

* Theresa's assistant at Crane Industries.
* Wanted Chad but realized that he will never love anyone like he does Whitney.
* Used Fox to climb the corporate ladder.
* Worked with Ivy to destroy Fox�s relationship with Kay.

Who's played Valerie Davis (Fill in) over the years?

Siena Goines (January 20 - March 29, 2007)
Daphnee Duplaix Samuel (December 16, 2004 - 2006)

Past History

Valerie began working for Crane Industries as Chad's assistant. She was determined to do whatever it took to succeed and get ahead. She later added to her duties by becoming his lover. Valerie�s father worked on the loading docks and her mother was an employee of Crane Industries for many years. She knows many of the Crane secrets between all of their tenures with the company.

Valerie quickly realized that Chad would never love anyone the way that he loved Whitney, and that was a hard pill for her to swallow. Valerie then focused her intentions on Fox and used him to climb the corporate ladder. She even partnered with Ivy to try and sabotage his relationship with Kay. Although that plan didn't work, Valerie is still in a good place to succeed�as Theresa�s assistant�the current head of Crane Industries.






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