Tabitha Lenox (as played by Juliet Mills on Passions)

Useful information about Tabitha Lenox

* Is the original witch of Harmony.
* Over 300 years old.
* Mother of Endora (with Julian).
* Had a living doll (Timmy).

Who's played Tabitha Lenox over the years?

Juliet Mills (July 6, 1999 - present)

Past History

Tabitha is the resident witch (literally) of Harmony and is over three hundred years old. In the 1600�s she was burned at the stake by ancestors of Grace, Ivy and Julian. Tabitha spent years trying to keep the Standish women from fully developing their powers of good, but was stripped of her own powers when she couldn't kill Charity - the most powerful Standish to ever live.

Tabitha had a best friend and confidant in her doll Timmy - that actually was alive. The two of them spent numerous hours plotting and drinking 'MarTimmies'. One night after having a few too many 'MarTimmies', Tabitha and Julian Crane had sex. She was totally shocked to realize that she was pregnant. Lately her time has been spent trying to teach Kay some magic spells and attempting to keep her daughter Endora in line. Endora has powers of her own that Tabitha cannot control.

Flings and Relationships

Julian Crane
Various Men


Darin Lenox (father)
Samantha Lenox (mother)
Harry (cousin)


Endora Lenox (daughter with Julian)


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