Simone Russell (as played by Cathy Jeneen Doe on Passions)

Useful information about Simone Russell

* Has always lived in her older sister�s shadow.
* Was deeply in love with Chad when he first came to town.
* Is good friends with Jessica.
* Recently came out of the closet as a lesbian.

Who's played Simone Russell over the years?

Cathy Jeneen Doe (July 2004 - September 4, 2007)
Chrystee Pharris (April 2001 - April 2004)
Lena Cardwell (July 1999 - April 2001)

Past History

Simone is the daughter of TC and Eve Russell, and the sister of Whitney Russell. She has spent the greater part of her life trying to measure up to her sister and seemed to always fail. She had a major crush on Chad when he came to town and slowly began to fall in love with him as they spent more and more time together. Simone was crushed when she realized that Chad was really in love with Whitney - not her! She was so upset when she saw them together that she ran into the street and was hit by a car. When she woke up in the hospital, she had forgotten all about it and was still head over heels in love with Chad. Whitney and Chad continued to grow closer behind Simone's back and she was truly devastated to learn that it was a mistake when Chad told her that he loved her. Her parents once again paid more attention to Whitney�s feelings over hers.

Simone then focused her energy on her friendships and often times had to deal with Kay trying to come between Charity and Miguel. Simone and Whitney both were stunned to find out that Chad was their half-brother, and they both rebelled against Eve (their mother). Simone grew as a person over the next short while and became close to her half-aunt Liz. As a young adult, Simone came out of the closet to her family revealing that she was indeed a lesbian. She and Paloma worked together to try and save Jessica from her roller coaster life all the while she was trying to get her family to come to terms with her sexuality - and her relationship with Rae.

Flings and Relationships

Chad Harris-Crane
John Hastings


T.C. Russell (father)
Eve Russell (mother)
Whitney Russell (sister)
Vincent Clarkson (half brother)
Reggie Russell (paternal grandfather - deceased)
Warren Johnson (maternal grandfather)
Ruby Lincoln (maternal grandmother)
Eve Lincoln (maternal great-grandmother - deceased)
Liz Sanbourne (maternal half-aunt by adoption)
Chad Harris (maternal half-cousin by adoption)
Miles Davis Harris (maternal first half-cousin by adoption - biological maternal nephew)
Irma Johnson (maternal great-aunt)




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