Sheridan Crane Boothe (Fill in) (as played by Kam Heskin on Passions)

Useful information about Sheridan Crane Boothe (Fill in)

* Married to Chris Boothe.
* Daughter of the powerful Alistair Crane.
* Was presumed dead several times.
* Was held captive by Beth and had her baby stolen.
* Fell in love with Chris while Luis was gone searching for their son.

Who's played Sheridan Crane Boothe (Fill in) over the years?

McKenzie Westmore (July 5, 1999 - present)
Shannon Sturges (September 2005 - temporary)
Kam Heskin (July 5, 2006 - October 2006 - temporary)
Sarah Paxton (1999 - 2000 - flashbacks)
Rylee Fansler (2004 - 2005 - flashbacks)

Past History

Sheridan is the younger sister of Julian Crane. She was changed as a child when her mother passed away, and then later as an adult when she was plagued with memories of finding a body shortly after. For all of these years the family allowed her to believe that she had killed someone that night (reason not yet explained). She spent years in and out of mental institutions and later became friends with Lady Diana, the former Princess of Wales. She came back to Harmony after her fiance Jean Luc betrayed her by being solely after her money. It wasn't long until she started to fall deeply in love with Luis Lopez-Fitzgerald.

Her family has tried every trick in the book over the past years to keep her as far away from Luis as possible. It almost worked when she decided to go back to Paris. Luis went after her and saved her from assassination attempts numerous times. He finally decided to kidnap her and bring her back to Harmony where she belonged. When she got back to Harmony she continued to date Hank Bennett while secretly longing to be with Luis. Destiny intervened when the FBI assigned Luis to guard Sheridan so that she would not be killed by the drug cartel. Luis and Sheridan eventually declared their love for one another�shortly before she was shot and killed.

Luckily, she wasn't dead, and it was an attempt to fake her death so that the drug cartel would leave her alone. Unfortunately when she was buried, everyone that knew the details of the plan were being held hostage by the drug cartel. Sheridan was finally saved and her and Luis were free to be together... it seemed. Throughout the years there have been numerous attempts at stopping them. Sheridan was believed to have been killed in a boat explosion in Bermuda before they got the chance to marry. Sheridan washed ashore in Bermuda (named Diana at that time). She was nursed back to health by Brian, Liz and Doc. She and Brian fell in love and decided to go back to Harmony. When they finally made it back, she came face to face with Luis and remembered what they had shared, and the two of them made love. Before she could tell Brian what had happened, he ended up in the hospital deathly sick. Things got worse for Sheridan when she found out that Brian was actually Antonio Lopez-Fitzgerald - Luis brother! They continued the charade a while so that Antonio wouldn't find out the truth and die. Luckily a miracle cure was found, but at the same time he was cured, Sheridan realized that she was pregnant and that either one of the brother's could be the father. The charade went on throughout the pregnancy. Sheridan was kidnapped before she was due and trapped in the basement by Beth.

Beth took her baby from her as soon as it was born. Sheridan was led to believe that the baby was dead. She grew close to Marty (the son of Beth and Luis) and finally became convinced that he was her child. When Antonio passed away and she reunited with Luis, her belief got stronger. Beth finally left town with Marty right before the DNA test was scheduled. While Luis ran off to chase Beth, a lady named Maureen and her child Mark ran into Sheridan.

Maureen was killed by the tsunami and Sheridan vowed to take care of Mark. It wasn't long before his father (Christopher Boothe) came to town claiming that the baby was his and that his name was James. Before you knew it, Sheridan and Chris became close and got married. Luis landed in the hospital (believed to be someone-else) and when he came to, Sheridan agreed to marry him. They had the ceremony and everything before she told Luis that she was married to Chris. She eventually tried to make it clear to him that she is now with Chris, but Luis was not going to let that be the case. He darted off to Rome to find Marty. Sheridan stayed in Harmony and dreamed of her life with Chris, James, Marty - and the new baby that's on the way - with Chris!

Flings and Relationships

Unnamed partners
Jean Luc Moulin (deceased)
Hank Bennett
Luis Lopez-Fitzgerald
Christopher Boothe


Alistair Crane (father - deceased)
Katherine Barrett (mother)
Julian Crane (brother)
Beth Wallace (paternal half-sister - deceased)
Chad Harris-Crane (paternal half-brother)
Ethan Crane (adoptive paternal half-brother)
Rachel Barrett (maternal aunt)
Fancy Crane (paternal niece)
Pretty Crane (paternal niece)
Fox Crane (paternal nephew)
Endora Lenox (paternal niece)
Miles Harris (paternal half-nephew)


Marty Lopez-Fitzgerald (son with Luis - deceased)
Unnamed Child (miscarriage with Chris)
James Boothe (son by adoption)


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