Sam Bennett (as played by James Hyde on Passions)

Useful information about Sam Bennett

* Was in love with Ivy as a teen.
* Slept with Ivy on the night that she wed Julian.
* Left Harmony for years when Ivy chose money over him.
* Returned to Harmony with Grace and started a family.

Who's played Sam Bennett over the years?

James Hyde (July 5, 1999 - present)

Past History

Sam is a native of Harmony and his family there dates way back. He had a relationship with Ivy when he was a teenager, but it didn't work out because of her meddling father. Ivy ended up marrying Julian Crane when Sam left town but met up with her again on her wedding night when she learned that Julian was forced into marrying her. She promised Sam that she was going to run away with him, but her father gave her an ultimatum between Sam and money - Ivy chose money and went on her honeymoon. Sam left Harmony for years after that.

He spent some time in Boston and ended up saving Grace from a fire. He brought her back to Harmony with him and they began a life together. They moved into the house next door to resident witch Tabitha. The couple had several children over the years, but Grace always wondered about who her family was. Sam and Ivy ran into each other and Ivy refused to be satisfied that Sam was with another woman. She plotted and schemed throughout the years trying her best to break them up. All of Harmony (including Sam) was shocked to learn that Ethan (Ivy's son with Julian) was really his son!

Ivy hired a man to come to town and pretend to be Graces - long lost husband. She even had him include a son who they supposedly had together. Sam found the whole situation suspicious, but had no idea that Ivy was that obsessed with him. Turns out that Ivy's plan worked and Grace did fall in love with David and her supposed son�John. When Grace left town with David, Ivy got her wish as she and Sam grew close again. The two managed to rekindle what they once had.

Flings and Relationships

Hank Bennett (brother)
Maria Ivy Lopez-Fitzgerald (granddaughter)
Ethan Crane (biological grandson)
Sarah Winthrop (granddaughter - deceased)
Jane Winthrop (granddaughter)


Ethan Winthrop (son with Ivy)
Noah Bennett (son with Grace)
Kay Bennett (daughter with Grace)
Jessica Bennett (daughter with Grace)
Unnamed Child (son with Grace - miscarriage)


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