Rebecca Hotchkiss (as played by Andrea Evans on Passions)

Useful information about Rebecca Hotchkiss

* Loves money and power.
* Was best friends with Ivy.
* Only child is Gwen.
* Poisoned Eve.
* Emailed Ivy�s letter to the tabloids.
* Masterminded the fake tape of Ethan shooting Julian.

Who's played Rebecca Hotchkiss over the years?

Andrea Evans (September 1, 2000 - present - recurring)
Maureen McCormick (July 5, 2000 - August 17, 2000 - recurring)

Past History

Rebecca is the meddling mother of Gwen. She was childhood friends with Ivy and was ecstatic when Gwen and Ethan (Ivy's son) fell in love. Rebecca is one that measures life by money and power. Because she has spent her life trying to acquire these things, she immediately recognized what Theresa Lopez-Fitzgerald was trying to do to Gwen and Ethan's relationship. Rebecca had her sights on Julian Crane. She is the one who found the proof of Ethan's paternity on Theresa's computer and emailed it to the tabloids. That ended up backfiring a little when Theresa and Julian got drunk together in Bermuda and ended up in bed together - and married! That left Rebecca out in the cold. When it was later ruled that their marriage was not real, Rebecca had to blackmail Julian into marrying her by insisting that she would tell everyone about him and Eve.

Of course she had other plans for Theresa. She is the master mind behind the concept of Gwen and Ethan adopting Theresa's child. She then found out that Theresa was carrying Ethan's child because she drugged him. Rebecca vowed once again for revenge. She started drugging Eve in an attempt to keep her husband. Rebecca ended up manipulating Julian into signing a promissory saying that he would never divorce her. When the poisoning got suspicious, she got on the stand and pointed the finger at Liz. Julian remained with her but did not stop seeing his true love Eve. Rebecca had to use her sexual past with the tabloid editor JT Cornell to keep him quiet about who really sent the information to him about Ethan�s true paternity.

Flings and Relationships



Gwen Hotchkiss (daughter)


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