Pretty Crane (as played by Melinda Sward on Passions)

Useful information about Pretty Crane

* She was named Pretty because she was so beautiful
* Conceived in Sri Lanka
* Stole a caterer's van
* Refused to return when Ethan was being taken off of life support
* Faked her pregnancy

Who's played Pretty Crane over the years?

Melinda Sward (July 30, 2007 - present)

Past History

Like the other Crane children, Pretty spent most of her younger years growing up at boarding schools and had minimal contact with her family. In the brief time that she did spend with her sister, they usually got up to pranks and mischief. When they got older, however, they began to compete for boys.

The mysterious Pretty left Harmony years ago after a brutal fight with her sister Fancy. Since then she has been living in Europe under an alias. She was brought back to harmony by Vincent and pushed by he and Sheridan into trying to break up Fancy and Luis' wedding. The wedding never went ahead, but that wasn't really because of her. Although she thought about leaving again, the reappearance of Alistair halted her departure. He recruited the rather naive and desperate woman to help him spy on Luis and Fancy and promised her that she would get her revenge.

Alistair had her and Luis confined in a basement where he forced them to make love in a bid to destroy his relationship with Fancy. Although the pair had sex, it didn't ruin his love for Fancy and he quickly reunited with her once he was freed. Pretty became even angrier at this since she had fallen in love with Luis after their first embrace. In spite of her grandfather's cruelty, she continued to work for him, using a mind control device on her sister to throw her into psychotic episodes. This put strain on Fancy's relationship with Luis, combined with the fact that Pretty was now telling Luis that she was carrying his baby. This was a ruse, however, which she managed to keep from him by bribing nurses and doctors. She even threatened to have an abortion if he turned his back on her. Finally, Luis discovered the truth behind this front when Juanita accidentally knocked Pretty's fake baby belly off while attempting to kill her.

Flings and Relationships

Luis Lopez-Fitzgerald (sex under threat from Alistair)


Julian Crane (father)
Ivy (mother)
Fancy Crane(sister)
Nicholas Foxworth "Fox" Crane (brother)
Vincent Clarkson (half-brother
Endora Lenox (half-sister)
a href="">Ethan Winthrop (half-brother)
Alistair Crane (grandfather - deceased)
Katherine Crane (grandmother)
Harrison Winthrop (grandfather - deceased)
Helen Revere-Mott-Beaton (grandmother - deceased)
Sheridan Crane Boothe (aunt - Katherine)
Chad Harris (half-uncle - Liz)
Beth Wallace (half-aunt - deceased)
Marty Lopez-Fitzgerald (cousin - deceased)
Miles Harris-Crane (half-cousin)
Little Ethan Crane Winthrop(half-nephew,)
Sarah Winthrop (half-niece - deceased)
Jane Winthrop (half-niece)
Rachel Barrett (great-aunt)




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