Pilar Lopez-Fitzgerald (as played by Eva Tamargo Lemus on Passions)

Useful information about Pilar Lopez-Fitzgerald

* Loving mother and wife.
* Assisted Theresa with the drugging and rape of Ethan Winthrop.
* Believed that Martin was dead or missing for many years.
* Former maid of the Crane family.

Who's played Pilar Lopez-Fitzgerald over the years?

Eva Tamargo (July 5, 1999 - present)

Past History

Pilar is the loving mother of the Lopez-Fitzgerald family. Her love and patience have certainly been tested over the years between her husband disappearing for many years and her daughter Theresa�s relentless pursuit of Ethan Winthrop. Pilar has been a resident of Harmony for many years but was born in Mexico. She loved her life with her husband Martin but her world was turned upside down when he disappeared and left her all alone to raise their five children. She struggled for many years to make ends meet and worked as the maid of the rich and powerful Crane family. She became loyal to Ivy over the years and even managed to keep the secret truth about her son Ethan�s paternity.

Thanks to Theresa's probing (borderline stalking) of Ethan, that secret eventually got out and Pilar tried her best to keep Ivy from meddling in Sam and Grace's life. Pilar finally reached her breaking point with Ivy�s threats against her daughter, and she attacked a wheelchair bound Ivy while Theresa and Ethan said their vows. She was hospitalized briefly and had a relapse, but seemed to get much better when her husband Martin showed back up in town. She was obviously happy at first, but not so much when she got all of the details of what had happened over the years. The battle was on with Katherine for the love of her husband. As Pilar and Martin began to put their life back together, and even made it all the way to their vow renewal commencement. Pilar found Katherine and Martin together and decided to wash her hands of the situation even though he insisted that he only wanted to be with Pilar.

Flings and Relationships



Antonio Lopez (father)
Maria Lopez (mother)
Florencia Lopez (sister)
Francisco Lopez (brother)
Maria Lopez (sister)
Six unknown siblings
Ethan Crane (grandson)
Maria Ivy Lopez-Fitzgerald (granddaughter)
Marty Lopez-Fitzgerald (grandson - deceased)
Jane Winthrop (granddaughter - 2004)


Antonio Lopez-Fitzgerald (son with Martin - deceased)
Luis Lopez-Fitzgerald (son with Martin)
Theresa Lopez-Fitzgerald (daughter with Martin)
Miguel Lopez-Fitzgerald (son with Martin)
Paloma Lopez-Fitzgerald (daughter with Martin)


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