Noah Bennett (as played by Dylan Fergus on Passions)

Useful information about Noah Bennett

* Guilty of accessory to murder while in college.
* Spent college tuition gambling in Vegas.
* Was ordered by FBI to pose as a couple with ex-girlfriend Maya.
* Started the fire at Spike's club.
* Arrested for assaulting Jessica.
* Engaged to Paloma.

Who's played Noah Bennett over the years?

Dylan Fergus (May 13, 2005 - present)

Past History

Noah hasn't spent much time in Harmony the past few years. He attended college and then went on to pursue his graduate degree...unsuccessfully. He ended up in Vegas gambling his college funds under the alias of Ned. He decided to come back to Harmony when he met Fancy Crane and barely dodged a jail sentence. When he finally made it back home he focused his attention on trying to help his sister Jessica get her life straightened out and continued to be on and off with Fancy.

His ex-girlfriend Maya came to town and that�s when the real trouble started. The pair witnessed a shooting and were ordered by the FBI to pose as a couple. He was ordered not to tell anyone the truth�even Fancy. Fancy, not knowing the truth, decided that she had been tortured enough and washed her hands of the situation. When Maya died, Noah was extremely upset, but he felt that he needed to put all of his energy into getting Fancy back!

Flings and Relationships

Unnamed females
Maya Chinn
Fancy Crane
Paloma Lopez-Fitzgerald


Sam Bennett (father)
Grace Standish (mother)
Kathleen Elizabeth Bennett (sister)
Jessica Bennett (sister)
Ethan Winthrop (paternal half-brother)
Benjamin Bennett (relation unknown)
Hank Bennett (paternal uncle)
Faith Standish (maternal aunt - deceased)
Charity Standish (maternal cousin)
Maria Lopez-Fitzgerald (niece - Kay's with Miguel)
Ethan Crane (biological paternal half-nephew)
Sarah Winthrop (paternal half-niece - deceased)
Jane Winthrop (paternal half-niece - 2004)




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