Miguel Lopez-Fitzgerald (Past) (as played by Adrian Bellani on Passions)

Useful information about Miguel Lopez-Fitzgerald (Past)

* Spent many years trying to be with Charity against all odds.
* Sent to prison for attempting to murder Fox Crane. (He was set up)

Who's played Miguel Lopez-Fitzgerald (Past) over the years?

Blair Redford (December 24 - current)
Adrian Bellani (February 8, 2006 - September 7, 2007 - contract)
Jesse Metcalfe (July 5, 1999 - July 26, 2004 - contract)
Joshua Alban (2001 - 2003 in flashbacks)
Jaylen Moore (2005 voice)

Past History

Miguel is the son of Martin and Pilar Lopez-Fitzgerald. He is the brother of Paloma, Theresa, Luis and Antonio. Miguel fell in love with Charity the moment he laid eyes on her. Charity also fell in love with him, but her cousin Kay was not about to give him up without a fight. The couple became closer over time and eventually made plans to marry. Kay was always working behind them to break them up. Kay turned to the forces of evil for help and transformed herself into Charity and slept with Miguel. Charity was actually frozen in a massive block of ice during all of this. They finally made their way back to each other and continued with their wedding plans. Kay continued to try to win Miguel over and even ridiculed him for taking her virginity!

Miguel and Charity finally made it to their wedding day, but the happiness was short lived as Kay fainted and it was announced that she was pregnant- with his child! That was too much for Charity to handle and she ended things with Miguel. Luckily, Miguel was persistent and Charity eventually came back around. His daughter was premature and Miguel was horrified at the thought of losing her. Miguel told Kay that he did not love her and that he and Charity were soul mates. Charity left town after another near death experience, and Miguel left to go and bring her back.

Miguel returned to Harmony a few years later. He came to the realization that he did indeed love Kay and wanted to build a life with her and his daughter. Unfortunately, Kay pushed him away because she was now in love with Fox. Miguel would not stay away though and vowed to become a family with her and their daughter. Things were complicated when he was tempted into a fling with a mermaid, but eh overcame that temptation to set his eyes on Kay again. Temptation reappeared when Charity returned, but Miguel proved true to Kay again. As the tension mounted between them and Kay prepared to marry Fox, Fox and his father started a campaign to get rid of Miguel, attempting to frame him for an affair with Charity and for Fox's attempted murder. Miguel was sent to prison along with his brother Luis, yet he never gave up hope of reconciling with Kay. As Kay and Fox's marriage fell apart, Julian and Fox allowed him to be released and he immediately reunited with Kay. Fox finally gave up on his relationship with Kay but she and Miguel wouldn't be together for long. When Endora was pulled into Hell by the dark side, Miguel went after her.

Flings and Relationships

Martin Fitzgerald (father)
Pilar Lopez-Fitzgerald (mother)
Antonio Brian Lopez-Fitzgerald (brother - deceased)
Luis Lopez-Fitzgerald (brother)
Theresa Lopez-Fitzgerald (sister)
Paloma Lopez-Fitzgerald (sister)
Brian Fitzgerald (paternal grandfather)
Antonio Lopez (maternal grandfather)
Maria Lopez (maternal grandmother)
Florencia Lopez (maternal aunt) (nun)
Francisco Lopez (maternal uncle)
Maria Lopez (maternal aunt)
Marty Lopez-Fitzgerald (nephew - deceased)
Jane Winthrop (niece)
Ethan Lopez-Fitzgerald Crane (nephew)


Maria Ivy Lopez-Fitzgerald (daughter with Kay)


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