Little Ethan Crane Winthrop (as played by Colton Shires on Passions)

Useful information about Little Ethan Crane Winthrop

* Adopted child of Alistair Crane.
* Mother is Theresa Lopez-Fitzgerald.
* Has been the center of many custody disputes.

Who's played Little Ethan Crane Winthrop over the years?

Colton Shires (January 2004 - present)
Field Cate (December 21, 2004)
Nicholas Graziano (2003 - January 2004)
Unnamed Male Actor (2003 - Winter 2003)
Grayson and Colby Button (September 2002 - 2003)
Thomas and Sarah Buhl (June 2002 - August 2002)
Ryan Cowles (2003)
Cody Lee (2003)

Past History

Ethan Martin Crane is the son of Julian and Theresa, although Theresa had originally tried to convince people that Ethan Winthrop was the father. He was conceived on a drunken night when his parents thought they had gotten married. Theresa knew that she would not be able to pass Little Ethan off as Ethan Winthrop's child as the timing was too far off. Little Ethan was almost aborted, however Theresa could never follow through with it. It was not until he was born that his mother fell in love with him, but would not allow Julian to see him. Julian fought for custody of Ethan and won. Afterwards, Julian let Theresa keep Little Ethan yet she would still not let him around. Theresa took Little Ethan on numerous trips to Los Angeles while Gwen and Ethan were expecting their first child. After the death of Sarah, Rebecca whom was very upset with Theresa eventually reported her to Child Protective Services. Following the investigation, Child Protective Services put Little Ethan into Julian�s custody, but spent most of his time with Gwen and Ethan. At Julian and Rebecca's second wedding, Theresa tried to kidnap Little Ethan to keep him in her life. Judge Reilly was there and could not believe the actions Theresa was taking and decided to terminate all her visitation rights to Little Ethan.

Little Ethan spent most of his time in the Crane mansion. The court hearing finally happened in the spring of 2004 and at first Theresa was in favor of winning custody. However, Judge Sanders saw a run in between her, Gwen and Rebecca in the hallway and changed his mind. She lost all her parental rights as the judge felt she was too unstable. Julian allowed Gwen and Ethan to legally adopt Little Ethan soon after and they changed his name to Ethan Winthrop Jr. Now he was happily living with Gwen and Ethan and began calling them mommy and daddy. At the same time, Big Ethan was still trying to think of a plan to bring Little Ethan back into Theresa's life.

Many crazy things happened down the road with Theresa who had become very desperate. She attempted kidnapping Little Ethan, drugged and raped Ethan, stole Gwen's eggs that were intended for a surrogate, blackmailed and told many lies. Now that she was pregnant with what they thought was Gwen�s eggs, Gwen and Ethan agreed to let Theresa have Little Ethan for the baby that she was now carrying. After Theresa gave birth to Jane, Theresa told them the baby was her own (not Gwen's egg) and that Ethan was the father. Therefore, Theresa ended up with Little Ethan again and her newborn, Jane. Big Ethan then took Theresa to court for the custody of Jane since she was his daughter and he won this time. It wasn't long though before Little Ethan had another name change. Theresa agreed to marry Alistair Crane and to adopt Little Ethan, which changed his name to Ethan Lopez-Fitzgerald Crane � all as an attempt to keep Jane and Ethan in her life.

Flings and Relationships



Alistair Crane (adoptive father - deceased)
Ethan Winthrop (father)
Theresa Lopez-Fitzgerald (mother)
Julian Crane (adoptive paternal half-brother)
Sheridan Crane (adoptive paternal half-sister)
Beth Wallace (adoptive paternal half-sister - deceased)
Chad Harris-Crane (adoptive paternal half-brother)
Jane Winthrop (maternal half-sister - full biological sister)
Sam Bennett (biological paternal grandfather)
Ivy Winthrop (biological paternal grandmother)
Martin Fitzgerald (maternal grandfather)
Pilar Lopez (maternal grandmother)
Brian Fitzgerald (maternal great-grandfather)
Antonio Lopez (maternal great-grandfather)
Maria Lopez (maternal great-grandmother)
Harrison Winthrop (biological paternal great-grandfather)
Helen Mott-Revere-Beaton (biological paternal great-grandmother - deceased)
Antonio Brian Lopez-Fitzgerald (maternal uncle - deceased)
Luis Lopez-Fitzgerald (maternal uncle)
Miguel Lopez-Fitzgerald (maternal uncle)
Paloma Lopez-Fitzgerald (maternal aunt)
Noah Bennett (biological paternal half-uncle)
Kay Bennett (biological paternal half-aunt)
Jessica Bennett (biological paternal half-aunt)
Maria Lopez-Fitzgerald (maternal cousin / biological paternal half-cousin)
Fancy Crane (adoptive paternal half-niece / biological paternal half-aunt)
Pretty Crane (adoptive paternal half-niece / biological paternal half-aunt)
Fox Crane (adoptive paternal half-nephew / biological paternal half-uncle)
Endora Lenox (adoptive paternal half-niece)
Marty Lopez-Fitzgerald (adoptive paternal half-nephew / maternal cousin - deceased)
James Boothe (adoptive paternal half - nephew by adoption)
Miles Harris (adoptive paternal half-nephew)
Hank Bennett (great-uncle)
Florencia Lopez (great-aunt) (nun)
Francisco Lopez (great-uncle)
Maria Lopez (great-aunt)




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