Julian Crane (as played by Ben Masters on Passions)

Useful information about Julian Crane

* Tried to kill Ivy, Theresa and Rebecca.
* Older brother of Sheridan.
* Ruthless son of Alistair.
* Been in love with Eve since they were teenagers.
* Tried to kill Sheridan.
* Tried to kill Alistair.

Who's played Julian Crane over the years?

Ben Masters (July 8, 1999 - Present)
Beau Wirick (2004 - flashbacks)
Shea Parker (2004 - flashbacks)

Past History

Julian is the son of the powerful Alistair Crane. His family has ruled Harmony for many years and they have a way of getting what they want. Julian fell in love with Eve many years ago and the two of them had a child that was stillborn. Eve was not aware that Julian knew anything about their son. Eve and Julian separated when she met T.C and Julian ended up marrying Ivy. His marriage to Ivy was planned by both sets of parents. Her family needed financial support and his family needed a good moral reputation. There were many affairs (on his behalf) over the years and it was clear that he was discontented with their marriage. The one highlight of their marriage was their son Ethan. That all ended when Julian (and the rest of Harmony) discovered that Ethan was really Sam Bennett�s son with Ivy�not his!

Julian started to rebel against his father and focus on his family. While in Bermuda finalizing his divorce from Ivy, Julian had a run in with Theresa. She was there trying to get him to reinstate Ethan as the Crane heir. Being the womanizer that he is, Julian played along and filled Theresa with fine champagne. Much to his surprise, the two of them woke up the next morning�married! Julian was persistent to annul the marriage, but Theresa wasn't as willing as he was. Theresa wanted to get what she came for first. When Julian consulted with his father regarding the situation, his answer was to kill the three women in his life who are causing the problems. Before that plan could be carried out, someone ended up shooting Julian. The body was never found and it launched an investigation with numerous suspects!

With Julian out of the picture, his latest wife Theresa tried to stake claim to the Crane fortune. Julian was actually away chasing the yellow brick road with Timmy (on a quest for the Demon�s Horn). They finally found the Horn and made their way back to Harmony, just as Theresa was being executed for Julian�s murder. Timmy was defeated by his final battle with Zombie Charity. In a moment of weakness, Tabitha and Julian turned to each other after Timmy had passed away. Their fling resulted in a daughter�Endora. It was then realized that Theresa was expecting Julian�s child. Julian and Theresa managed to live together for a while, but he was thrilled to learn that he and Theresa were never legally married. Even though he won the baby in the custody trial, he still allowed him to stay with his mother. Rebecca coerced Julian into going for full custody after Theresa was involved with Sarah�s death. The courts did side with Julian and he decided to sign over all parental rights so that Ethan and Gwen could adopt the child. Julian also began to become closer with his true love�Eve. This was a difficult time since he had already married Rebecca, but he finally made the decision that he had to be with Eve.


Alistair Crane (father - deceased)
Katherine Barrett (mother)
Sheridan Crane (sister)
Beth Wallace (paternal half-sister - deceased)
Chad Harris (biological paternal half-brother)
Ethan Lopez-Fitzgerald Crane (paternal half-brother by adoption)
Rachel Barrett (maternal aunt)
Marty Lopez-Fitzgerald (nephew - deceased)
James Boothe (nephew by adoption)
Miles Harris (biological half-nephew)


Vincent Clarkson (son with Eve)
Fancy Crane (daughter with Ivy)
Unnamed Crane (daughter with Ivy)
Nicholas Foxworth Crane (son with Ivy - deceased)
Endora Lenox (daughter with Tabitha)


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