James Boothe (as played by Seth Stern on Passions)

Useful information about James Boothe

* Mother Maureen died during the tsunami.
* Sheridan vowed to take care of him.
* Father is Christopher Boothe.

Who's played James Boothe over the years?

Jackson and Ryan Keane (October 2005 - October 2006 - recurring)
Unnamed Actors (2005 - recurring)
Seth Stern (October 26, 2006 - present - recurring)

Past History

James Boothe was originally going by the name of Mark while living with his mother, Maureen. Sheridan met him and then Maureen made Sheridan promise to look after her son. Soon after that, Maureen died in the tsunami. Chris showed up in town soon after that and claimed that Mark was his son and his real name was James. Maureen left Chris because he had gotten mixed up with a bad crowd. Chris was awarded full custody of James and later married Sheridan. Sheridan legally adopted Chris in October 2006.

Flings and Relationships



Christopher Boothe (legal father)
Sheridan Crane (mother by adoption)
Maureen Preston (biological mother - deceased)
Marty Lopez-Fitzgerald (maternal half-brother by adoption - deceased)
Alistair Crane (maternal grandfather by adoption - deceased)
Katherine Barrett (maternal grandmother by adoption)
Julian Crane (maternal uncle by adoption)
Beth Wallace (maternal half-aunt by adoption - deceased)
Chad Harris-Crane (maternal half-uncle by adoption)
Ethan Crane (maternal half-uncle by adoption)
Fancy Crane (adoptive maternal cousin)
Pretty Crane (maternal cousin by adoption)
Fox Crane (maternal cousin by adoption)
Endora Lenox (maternal cousin by adoption)
Miles Harris (maternal half-nephew by adoption)
Rachel Barrett (maternal great- aunt by adoption)




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