Herbert “Spike” Lester (as played by Christopher Maleki on Passions)

Useful information about Herbert “Spike” Lester

* Married to Jessica Bennett.
* Murderer, drug pusher and pimp.
* Blackmailing Christopher Boothe into helping him steal from the Cranes.
* Shot Pilar.

Who's played Herbert “Spike” Lester over the years?

Christopher Maleki (March 10, 2005 - present - recurring)

Past History

Spike is the sleaze of Harmony. He once ran a trashy nightclub in Harmony until Noah Bennett burned it down. In turn, Spike seduced Jessica Bennett and they became lovers. He got the teenager hooked on sex and drugs and eventually convinced her to become a prostitute. This was his way of her helping him to rebuild what her family destroyed. Later it was discovered that he was working for Alistair and was hired to corrupt her as the youngest daughter of the Bennett's. Spike had also murdered someone years ago at the request of Lena. He then tried to kill Jessica while Noah and Maya were having a face off with Lena, but could not do it and confessed his love to her. She ended up grabbing the gun and pointing it at him. However the two ended up getting married before anyone could charge him of a crime and later moved into the Bennett's home. Spike is one who will use anything it takes to get what he wants.

Flings and Relationships





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