Gwen Winthrop (as played by Liza Huber on Passions)

Useful information about Gwen Winthrop

* Married to Ethan Winthrop.
* Used to be good friends with Theresa.
* Only daughter of Rebecca.
* Can no longer have children.
* Suffered a major mental breakdown.

Who's played Gwen Winthrop over the years?

Liza Huber (July 5, 1999 - November 8, 2000; October 16, 2002 - present)
Natalie Zea (November 15, 2000 - October 3, 2002)

Past History

The only child of Jonathan and Rebecca Hotchkiss, from a very young age Gwen has been in love with Ethan. Once the two of them were adults, Gwen and Ethan started spending more time in Harmony since that is where his family is from. During this time is when things took a turn for the worse. Theresa Lopez-Fitzgerald started pursuing Ethan and was almost deemed a stalker in his eyes. Gwen and Ethan soon began a friendship with Theresa after Whitney convinced Ethan that her best friend (Theresa) meant no harm. Gwen became more and more suspicious of Theresa's intentions because she always seemed to be wherever Ethan was. Theresa introduced the couple to her boyfriend Chuck and that seemed to put Gwen�s mind at ease for the time being. Gwen became so comfortable with Theresa that she insisted that she work with Ethan to plan their wedding so she could finish up some business that was important for her career. With Gwen out of town on a regular basis attending to business, Theresa made the most of the time by moving in on Ethan.

Rebecca (Gwen�s mother) arrived in Harmony shortly before the wedding and began insisting to her daughter that her friend Theresa was a gold digging liar! A good natured Gwen defended Theresa but deep down could not help but wonder if her mother had some valid points. She confronted Ethan and Theresa at the prom boat and demanded to know if Theresa was in love with Ethan. When Theresa insisted that she wasn't, an embarrassed Gwen apologized and things went on as usual. Gwen ended up asking Theresa to be her maid of honor when Ethan�s aunt Sheridan couldn't (due to numerous attempts on her life at the time). At the night of their much anticipated engagement party, Ethan informed Gwen that he had been cheating on her with Theresa and that he wanted to postpone the wedding. It was then that she realized that her suspicions were true and she left to go and approach her. Gwen was in a frantic state of mind and literally was swinging a bat at Theresa for doing this to her. When Pilar (Theresa�s mother) came in the room to see what was going on, Gwen locked her in a closet because she realized that she knew what her daughter was up to the entire time. The big shock came when she went into Theresa�s bedroom and found a shrine that she had made honoring Ethan!

Gwen then had the bright idea of telling Ethan that he should date both of them so that he would see that they were meant for each other...not him and Theresa! Sheridan died during the courting and Gwen took the opportunity to be there for Ethan. She lied to Ethan by telling him that Theresa did not come to see him. On Christmas Eve, Ethan and Gwen went to church together. Much to her surprise, Ethan ended up proposing to Theresa that night, crushing Gwen�s heart. She picked up the pieces and was ready to move on until her mother told her the biggest news to hit the town in years that Ethan was not a Crane, and that his real father was Sam Bennett (a man that Ethan hated). Rebecca found this information on Theresa's computer and realized that Theresa had known this for months. This only confirmed to Gwen that Theresa was really only after money and prestige that the Crane name would bring. Gwen reluctantly agreed to her mother's suggestion of getting even with Theresa, by sending the information to the tabloids and making it appear that Theresa had done it. Desperate times called for desperate measures. Whenever Gwen would feel guilty about framing Theresa, Rebecca would quickly remind her of what Theresa had done to her.

With Theresa all set to marry Ethan and rubbing it constantly in her face, Gwen had no choice but to contact the tabloids and ensure that they publish the fact that the information came from Theresa. They did as promised on the very day that Ethan and Theresa were planning to wed. Ethan however did not believe that Theresa was involved and still planned on going through with the wedding. Gwen was devastated again, but realized that she wanted Ethan to be happy, and that if she couldn't be married to him, she could still be his friend.

Gwen couldn't believe that Theresa had married Julian in Bermuda and was now pregnant with his child! Both her mother and Ivy were constantly scheming to beat Theresa, but Gwen took the high road and insisted that she was going to be better than that. When she went to Ethan and told him about all of their plotting, the two of them slowly grew closer (not that his relationship with Theresa was over). Ethan ended up helping Theresa escape from jail and Gwen ended up delivering Theresa's baby in a cabin. When Theresa was finally executed, Gwen and Ethan thought for sure that they would finally be together as things were meant to be. It was like a dagger through the heart when Theresa emerged from the dead, more determined than ever to latch on to Ethan! Theresa had a brand new weapon to use in her fight�her baby!

Just as Ethan and Gwen were engaged again, he began secretly seeing Theresa. Gwen finally decided to wash her hands of the situation and move to New York. She was all set to go when she realized that she was pregnant! Ethan immediately proposed to Gwen when he heard the news, but Gwen told him no." She informed him that she did not want to be his wife if he was not truly in love with her. Gwen and Ethan finally married, but Theresa still came after Ethan with everything she had. Gwen and Theresa came to blows and the stress landed Gwen in the hospital. The baby died at birth and Gwen decided that she was better off without Theresa and Ethan in her life. Ethan finally convinced her that they belong together, and she let him come back into her life.

Gwen spent a period of time helping Sheridan deal with Luis' ex-girlfriend Beth Wallace. She suspected that Beth was just like Theresa and wanted to prevent Sheridan from having the same pain. When she met with the doctor to try and expose Beth for faking her pregnancy, the doctor ended up informing Gwen that she could never have another child. Gwen and Ethan decided to go the surrogate route to start a family. Theresa managed to kidnap the surrogate and had herself implanted with the baby so that she could use the child to threaten Gwen and Ethan if they did not give her back �little Ethan� (Theresa�s son that was taken away because she was deemed unfit). Theresa was then discovered to be pregnant with twins. Due to complications, the baby boy had to be aborted to save the baby girl. It was then that Gwen found out that Ethan and Theresa were together one night and that there was a chance that the baby may belong to Theresa. This was the breaking point for Gwen and she went straight into a mental breakdown. She lost touch with reality and didn�t realize that her daughter with Ethan and her son with Ethan (via surrogate) were dead. She faked a suicide attempt and ended up walking out of the hospital with Theresa�s baby, Jane. She soon regained her sanity, but insisted that the baby was hers because Theresa had signed over all legal rights during the surrogacy. Gwen finally decided to return to Harmony with the baby (for the baby's best interests), but things only got worse. Theresa didn't keep her promise and filed charges against Gwen for kidnapping as soon as she returned. Luckily Gwen was found incapable of comprehending her actions due to an interaction with her medications and she and Ethan were granted temporary custody.

Flings and Relationships

Ethan Winthrop
A Mystery man


Jonathan Hotchkiss (father)
Rebecca Hotchkiss (mother)


Sarah Winthrop (stillborn)
Unnamed Child (son aborted in 2004 with Ethan)


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