Grace Bennett (as played by Dana Sparks on Passions)

Useful information about Grace Bennett

* Twin sister Faith was killed in a fire.
* Believed that she was married to David (because Ivy paid him to play the part).

Who's played Grace Bennett over the years?

Dana Sparks (July 5, 1999 - 2 December 2003 - contract; December 24, 2003 - 28 March 2005 - recurring; November 2, 2006 - January 4, 2007; September 2005 - voice)

Past History

In the late 1970's, Grace was rescued from a fire from Sam. She has no memories of her life before that point. The only way she knew her name was by a piece of paper that was in her pocket. Sam took Grace to his home in Harmony, where they married and began a life together. The couple had three children which kept her content so she finally decided that she didn't have to know about her past before meeting Sam. That changed when the first of their children left for college. She started to become curious about her family and what they were like. Sam was able to locate a lady named Faith - who turned out to be her twin sister! Little did she know that her children had already met their cousin (her niece) Charity. Her daughter Kay went to great lengths to keep them from meeting in hopes of stealing Charity�s boyfriend Miguel. Grace and Faith finally managed to talk via their computers, but Faith was soon a victim in a fire started by an old enemy of the Standish family. Tabitha, the next door neighbor and resident witch of harmony had it in for Faith.

With Faith dead, Grace luckily still had her niece, Charity. It wasn't long until Grace realized that Charity was special�like her. Charity had premonitions while Grace received visits from an angel girl. For years, Grace was under the impression that Ivy Winthrop was her friend. She never thought that Ivy was out for her husband. She finally realized what Ivy was up to the night of Ethan�s engagement party. She learned that Ivy and Sam used to be in love and that the two of them have a son Ethan! The shock of the news caused her to faint and she plunged down the stairs. She was pregnant at the time of the fall with a baby that doctors had informed her would never happen. She struggled in the hospital and ended up losing the baby and blamed the whole thing on Sam. She finally managed to forgive Sam, but Ivy refused to let them reconcile. She hired a man (David Hastings) to pretend to be Grace�s long lost husband. Her niece Charity had been battling demons from Hell (literally) and her daughter Kay had become a loyal member to the forces of the dark side. She tried her best to save her daughter, but it only came between them. She finally chose to be with David (her believed to be husband), leaving Ivy and Sam in the perfect position for a reconciliation.

Flings and Relationships

Sam Bennett
David Hastings


Faith Standish (twin sister - deceased)
Charity Standish (niece)
Maria Ivy Lopez-Fitzgerald (granddaughter)


Noah Bennett (son with Sam)
Kathleen Elizabeth Bennett (daughter with Sam)
Jessica Bennett (daughter with Sam)
Unnamed Child (son - miscarriage with Sam)


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