Esme Vanderheusen (as played by Erin Cardillo on Passions)

Useful information about Esme Vanderheusen

* Burned down her boarding school gym
* Has great affection for firearms
* Went to prison briefly when someone put drugs in her purse

Who's played Esme Vanderheusen over the years?

Erin Cardillo (2005-2007; August 2, 2007 - contract)

Past History

Outrageous socialite Esme attended boarding school with Fancy Crane. Together they got into lots of mischief, particularly after school when they spent time traveling around Europe as jet set party girls. She frequently appears when Fancy needs advice, which she gladly offers but her friend never takes. Esme is notorious for the amount of men she has seduced and often flirts with her friend's boyfriends.

Flings and Relationships

Robert Vanderheusen (father)
Isabella Vanderheusen (mother)
Brenda Vanderheusen (step-mother)
Patrick Vanderheusen (brother)
Unnamed sister
Viki (niece)




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