Endora Lenox (as played by Nicole Cox on Passions)

Useful information about Endora Lenox

* Daughter of Julian and Tabitha.
* Has magical powers handed down from her mother.
* Keeps Tabitha busy trying to control her magic.

Who's played Endora Lenox over the years?

Turiya Dawn (2007; 2008 as a teenager)
Nicole Cox (October 2003 - present)
Cole Kvarda (July 2003 - October 2003; fill-in in October 2003)

Past History

Endora is the gifted daughter of Tabitha and Julian. She was conceived while both parents were under the influence of MarTimmies. Much of the town though is unaware that Julian is her father. She was born with magical powers (inherited by her mother of course) and has been able to use magic since birth. She is more of a threat to her father than he realizes, but fortunately did not inherit the evil side from her mother. She often uses her magic to help out her half-brother, Fox. Tabitha and Kay also used Endora's magic to try to break up Miguel and Charity. Tabitha finds it to be a difficult task trying to control Endora and her magic, as Endora often makes things happen that she never would expect. Tabitha still refuses to share custody with Julian although he would like to be with her more.

Flings and Relationships



Julian Crane (father)
Tabitha Lenox (mother)
Fancy Crane (half-sister)
Unnamed Crane
Fox Crane (half-brother)
Alistair Crane (paternal grandfather - deceased)
Katherine Barrett (paternal grandmother)
Darren Lenox (maternal grandfather)
Samantha Lenox (maternal grandmother)
Sheridan Crane (paternal aunt)
Beth Wallace (paternal half-aunt - deceased)
Chad Harris-Crane (paternal half-uncle)
Ethan Crane (adoptive paternal half-uncle)
Marty Lopez-Fitzgerald (paternal cousin - deceased)
James Boothe (paternal cousin by adoption)
Miles Harris (paternal half-cousin)
Rachel Barrett (paternal great-aunt)




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