Dr. Eve Russell (as played by Tracey Ross on Passions)

Useful information about Dr. Eve Russell

* Met Julian at a jazz club and fell in love.
* Got pregnant with Julian�s child and didn�t tell him.
* Kept her previous life a secret when she married TC.
* Had 2 daughters with TC (Simone and Whitney).
* Believed that Chad was her son.
* Reconciled with Julian after TC filed for divorce.

Who's played Dr. Eve Russell over the years?

Tracey Ross (July 5, 1999 - present)
Amanda Maiden (2003 - flashback)
Kimberly Kevon Williams (2003 - flashback)

Past History

Eve was the only child and was raised in a wealthy home by her loving grandmother. When her grandmother passed away Eve was just about to enter her teenage years. She met Julian Crane at a jazz club in Boston and the two of them fell deeply in love. When Eve discovered that she was pregnant, she and Julian separated without him knowing about the baby. She (along with the help of her good friend Crystal Harris) gave birth to a son. She and Julian got back together until Eve met TC Russell. When the two of them decided to marry, Eve had earned a medical degree and was determined that TC would never know about her life when she was younger. She had an explanation for everything, including the money that Alistair gave her to stay away from his son Julian. She stated that it was a trust fund from her wealthy maiden aunts.

You can only keep secrets for so long, and eventually people from her past started popping up all over the place. Ivy was quick to use some photos that she got a hold of to blackmail Eve into helping her break up Sam and Grace. Ivy continued to use this information to haunt Eve whenever she felt the need. When things finally settled down for a bit, it didn't last for long. Soon another woman from Eve's past came to town�..her sister, Liz. Liz threatened Eve for months and that forced Eve to need a shoulder to lean on�Julian. Liz brought their Aunt Irma to Harmony and she confirmed what Liz was saying. TC started divorce proceedings and soon Eve and Julian were a couple again.

Flings and Relationships

Warren Johnson (father - deceased)
Ruby Lincoln (mother - deceased)
Eve Lincoln (maternal grandmother - deceased)
Irma Johnson (paternal aunt)
Liz Sanbourne (maternal half-sister by adoption)
Chad Harris (maternal half-nephew by adoption)
Miles Davis Harris (maternal great half-nephew by adoption)


Vincent Clarkson (son with Julian)
Whitney Russell (daughter with T.C.)
Simone Russell (daughter with T.C.)
Miles Davis Harris (grandson)


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