Christopher Boothe (as played by Adrian Wilson on Passions)

Useful information about Christopher Boothe

* Came to Harmony after the tsunami.
* Found out that Maureen had left his son with Sheridan when she died.
* Fell in love with and married Sheridan.

Who's played Christopher Boothe over the years?

Adrian Wilson (18 August 2005 - present)
Marsh Mokhtari (2006)

Past History

Chris showed up in Harmony after the tsunami and crushed Sheridan with the news that he was the father of the little boy she had been taking care of. She didn't believe him at first and insisted that he was someone hired by her father Alistair, in another attempt to ruin her. He was finally able to convince Sheridan that he was honest and she committed to helping him protect the child. When the FBI finally caught the crowd that was after Chris, he finally had a real chance at starting a new life. Sheridan and Chris began dating and eventually fell in love. They got married and Chris saved a man from a house fire. They were both shocked to find out that the man he saved was Luis.Sheridan's ex fianc. Sheridan insisted that her life was with Chris now, and that she wanted to stay with him and raise their baby that she was carrying!

Flings and Relationships



James Boothe (son with Maureen)
Unnamed Child (with Sheridan)


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