Chad Harris (as played by Charles Divins on Passions)

Useful information about Chad Harris

* Came to Harmony in search of his parents.
* Pretended to be in love with Simone.
* Is truly in love with Whitney.
* Lied about having a wife in Los Angeles.
* Had an affair with Vincent.
* Shot and killed by Alistair.

Who's played Chad Harris over the years?

Charles Divins (September 12, 2002 - August 28, 2007)
Donn Swaby (September 23, 1999 - September 2002)

Past History

Chad was adopted by the Harris family when he was born in Harmony. They moved to Los Angeles, where he lived with them until he was eight years old. Unaware that he was adopted, Chad ran away from home and returned a few days later only to find that his family was gone. Chad went into the foster care program and became involved with the wrong crowd. He fell in love with a young lady named Latoya. After a record deal went wrong, Chad assaulted the producer and had to flee Los Angeles. His only parental figure Henry, (his childhood social worker) gave him a box that Chad had with him when child services took him in. Chad found the information in the box to be useful and believed that his family was in Harmony. He begged for Latoya to come away with him, but when she denied his offer, he left without her.

Chad arrived in Harmony and discovered that he had been adopted when he went to the hospital to review his birth certificate. Chad had a string of obstacles along the way of finding his family. Orville (a man with leads) turned out to know nothing. Crystal Harris (a lounge singer that thought that he may have been her friend's son) was killed by a gunshot meant for Sheridan. Along the way Chad did manage to make some friends in Harmony (Theresa., Whitney, Ethan and Simone). His relationship with the Russell sisters was complicated to say the least. Chad was falling for Whitney, but Simone was falling for him. Eve (their mother) disapproved of Chad and insisted that neither of her children got involved with school dropouts from the streets. Chad became best friends with Ethan when he worked with him and Gwen for the music for their wedding day. Chad felt deep down that Ethan belonged with Theresa.

Things for Chad became more intense when he ended up saving Whitney's life after a construction accident right before their prom and again at the prom. Chad became a hero that night but refused medical treatment for his injuries. With Chad now staying at the Russell's house because of his injuries, he decided to finally tell Whitney how he felt about her. Due to his injuries and medicine, Chad told the wrong sister (Simone) that he loved her. When he realized what had happened, he immediately wanted to set things straight with Simone. Kay told Chad that Simone had an eating disorder and to keep quiet for the time being. Chad thought for sure that he had lost Whitney now.

Chad and Whitney finally got together, but not before he straightened out things with Simone. Chad finally had his dream come true when Whitney expressed her love for him too. They made love for the first time the night that Theresa was executed. They both decided that Simone had to be told the truth after seeing what pain, lies and deceptions had caused Ethan and Theresa. Chad put the responsibility on Whitney to tell her sister that she was in love with him. T.C. and Eve learned the truth about Chad and Whitney and they were furious! T.C. was not one to forgive so easily, but Eve managed to come around. When Chad and Whitney left for Los Angeles, T.C. disowned his daughter. Simone said that she would not claim Whitney any longer as her sister for what she had done to her.

In Los Angeles Whitney was devastated to learn that Chad had lied to her when he told her that he had never been married. Latoya had waited on him the entire time that he was in Harmony. Fox came to the rescue in L.A. Everyone went back home to Harmony while Chad stayed in California to take care of things, like his marriage. When he returned, he found Whitney in his friend Fox's arms! After they finally worked things out, Chad and Whitney were informed that they were half siblings! They were shocked to hear that Chad was the son of Eve and Julian. Whitney turned to Fox since she and Chad could not be together and soon became pregnant with his child. Chad focused on his work at Crane industries, just waiting for his chance to take over the company and the fortune to get even with them.

Whitney decided to put her child up for adoption, and Chad was the one that adopted him. He later discovered the truth- that the baby (Miles) was his son. Chad and Whitney made love again during the tsunami, but Whitney could not forgive herself and ran away to a convent. No matter how hard Chad tried, he could not get over Whitney and chased her to Rome. Feeling sure that he'd lost her for good though, he began an affair on the down low with Vincent Clarkson.

When everyone returned to Harmony, it was soon revealed that he and Whitney were not related and they drifted closer as he looked after the child. As they gradually rebuilt their relation ship, they finally agreed to marry. Unfortunately, he continued to see Vincent the entire time. This was largely due to blackmail and other threats which kept the affair alive. After months of him sneaking away, the guilt became too much and he tried desperately to end things. This only made Vincent more vengeful and their relationship became violent. Nonetheless, Chad pursued marriage to Whitney and planned to raise another child with her when she became pregnant. Eventually, Vincent started trying to kill Whitney but Chad saved her. Finally, he set Chad up to be exposed to Whitney. This destroyed their marriage. He broke it off with Vincent and fought to get Whitney back. She refused repeatedly. It later came out that Vincent was, in fact, his nephew and the man-woman who had been blackmailing everyone. Chad went to Whitney and Theresa's side to help them when Alistair returned. After his father poisoned Ethan and threatened to kill Theresa and Whitney, Chad was shot when he tried to save them.

Flings and Relationships

Mr. Harris (father by adoption)
Mrs. Harris (mother by adoption)
Alistair Crane (biological father - deceased)
Liz Sanbourne (biological mother)
Julian Crane(biological half-brother)
<a href="">Sheridan Crane (biological half-sister)
Beth Wallace (biological half-sister - deceased)
Ethan Crane(half-brother by adoption)
Ruby Lincoln (grandmother by adoption - deceased)
Eve Lincoln (great-grandmother by adoption)
Eve Johnson (maternal half-aunt by adoption)
Unnamed (maternal half-cousin by adoption / paternal half-nephew)
Whitney Russell (maternal half-cousin by adoption)
Simone Russell (maternal half-cousin by adoption)
Fancy Crane(biological half-niece)
Unnamed Crane (biological half-niece)
<a href="">Fox Crane (biological half-nephew)
Endora Lenox (biological half-niece)
Marty Lopez-Fitzgerald (biological half-nephew - deceased)
James Boothe(half-nephew by adoption)
Miles Harris (maternal first half-cousin by adoption)


Miles Davis Harris (son with Whitney)
Unborn child (with Whitney)


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