Alistair Crane (as played by John Reilly on Passions)

Useful information about Alistair Crane

* Ruthless head of Crane Family.
* Father of Sheridan and Julian.
* Currently Married to Theresa Lopez-Fitzgerald.
* Adopted father of Little Ethan Lopez-Fitzgerald Crane.
* Behind the wave of murders, rapes and blackmail that swept through Harmony.
* Shot and killed his son Chad.
* Shot by Viki.

Who's played Alistair Crane over the years?

John Reilly (January 21, 2005 - July 17, 2006 - May 20, 2008)
David Bailey (September 27, 2004 - January 2005 - contract)
Michael McNab (2001 as a body double)
Bill Dempsey (1999 - September 2004 as a body double)
Alan Oppenheimer (November 8, 1999 - September 2004 - voice - recurring)

Past History

Alistair is the head of the infamous Crane family. He is the father of Sheridan and Julian Crane (both with Katherine). Alistair did whatever he had to in order for things to go as he needed them to. He forced his son Julian into marrying Ivy and tried everything to keep Sheridan away from Luis Lopez-Fitzgerald. Alistair disowned his grandson Ethan when he found out that he was courting Theresa Lopez-Fitzgerald and cut all of his family ties when he found out that he wasn't a Crane at all.

One of Alistair's greatest plots was when he posed as 'Charlie', a psychotic lesbian working with Beth to break up Luis and Sheridan for good. With Sheridan's baby finally with Beth, Alistair did away with Charlie. Alistair then found out that Katherine was alive. He had never found the body even though he had searched for many years. Alistair was determined to make her pay for running off to Mexico with Martin Fitzgerald. He was dealing with this and now the fact that Eve and Julian were getting close again. He told Eve and Julian that Chad was their son, and that he is sleeping with Whitney. That seemed to calm things down a bit and he could focus on Mexico. After a few unsuccessful plots they all ended up back in Harmony.

He hosted a Christmas party at the Crane mansion and someone poisoned his cigar. He ended up in the hospital on the brink of death, but luckily Endora (Tabitha and Julian's magical daughter) was nearby and saved his life with her powers. Alistair then found out that Beth was his daughter (just in time too, they were about to have sex when her mother rushed in and stopped them)! He didn't mind using Beth to keep Luis and Sheridan apart, but he did not want to make it known that he was her father. Alistair then made a deal with Theresa. Their marriage gave Theresa the chance to get close to Jane, and Alistair got all of the benefits of having a young, pretty wife. Alistair was then stalked and stabbed by Rachel (Katherine's believed to be dead sister). She insisted that he would pay for keeping her locked up years ago. While in the hospital recovering, Liz tried to smother Alistair. She informed Julian that he had raped her when she was fourteen and caused her not to be able to have children. Everyone believed that Alistair was in a coma, but he was actually pretending to be a Monk in Rome on a wild hunt for an ancient chalice. When several of the residents of Harmony showed up there, he fled with the tabloid editor JT Cornell before anyone could spot him. Chased away, he attempted to escape with Beth and Marty by train but the train was attacked by missile. He was presumed dead and not seen for a year. He has now resurfaced and admitted to be the mastermind for the chaos that's befallen his family and the town in his absence.

Almost a year later he would return following a lengthy reign of terror carried out by his grandson Vincent, a pawn in his schemes. Through him, he managed to rape, torture and kill many of Harmony's residents. When Vincent was captured however, Alistair finally revealed himself and set about making his wife, Theresa, pay for betraying him. As he set out to kill her, he ended up killing his own son Chad in cold blood. Of course, he wasn't charged for this and set about trying to destroy fancy for falling in love with Luis. He used her sister Pretty to try and destroy the relationship and finally, to torture and destroy them both. Esme soon set her sights on him, assuming that seducing him would kill him much as it had all of her other lovers. He was stabbed in the back by Esme's psychotic niece Viki, who he then recruited to kill Ethan. As he lay in his hospital bed to await charges for his crimes, Eve finally came to kill him. She was stopped by Julian, who quickly took her place and shot Alistair himself. Unfortunately, his gun was full of blanks, but Viki happened to be standing directly behind him and took a shot at exactly the same time, killing Alistair before slipping away.

Flings and Relationships

Fancy Crane (granddaughter)
Nicholas Foxworth Crane (grandson)
Endora Lenox (granddaughter)
Marty Lopez-Fitzgerald (grandson)
James Boothe (grandson by adoption)
Miles Harris (grandson)
Vincent Clarkson (grandson)
Pretty Crane (granddaughter)


Julian Crane (son with Katherine)
Sheridan Crane (daughter with Katherine)
Beth Wallace (daughter with Edna)
Chad Harris (son with Liz)
Ethan Lopez-Fitzgerald Crane (son by adoption)


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