Liza Huber (Gwen Winthrop on Passions)

Current Character: Gwen Winthrop

Birthday: 1975-02-22

Birthplace: Born in Long Island, New York

Marital Status: Married to Alexander George Hesterberg III in 2004


Liza Victoria Huber was born in Long Island, New York, to Susan Lucci (actress) and Helmut Huber (Austrian Businessman). She is of Italian and Swedish descent. Liza started out as a model, for the FORD modeling agency in New York. She also has been in several theatre productions throughout her career, before ending up in daytime.
Liza is married to Alexander George Hesterberg III since March 2004. Recently, the couple announced that they're expecting in December, 2006!

Career Highlights

Passions - Gwen Hotchiss (July 1999 - November 8, 2001; October 16, 2002 - Present)
Ebbie (1995)
The Curse
The Kiss
The King

Awards & Acclaim

Golden Globes - USA Miss Golden Globe (2000)


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